Nero Move It: Syncing Files to Online Communities

Nero Move It allows you to sync your files to various online communities, such as YouTube, MySpace, or My Nero. Nero Move It allows you to input and store your account information for all of those online communities in the Online Settings screen. This guideline will go over directions for navigating the Online Settings window and inputting your account information for the previously mentioned online communities.

1. Navigating the Online Settings Window

To enter the Online Settings window in Nero Move It, you will need to click on the Settings tab, which is located at the top right in Nero Move It. Once you have entered the Settings window, click on Online Settings. You will then see individual tabs at the top of the Online Settings window for YouTube, MySpace, and My Nero. Click on the tab that you would like to enter account information for. If you do not have an account with YouTube or MySpace, you will need to visit their respective websites to sign up for a free account.

If you do not already have a My Nero account, you can sign up for one for free directly from Nero Move It. To sign up for a free My Nero account, simply click on the Sign up to My Nero button. When you click on that button, Nero Move It will load a registration form for you to fill out. You will need to be connected to the Internet in order for the Sign up to My Nero button to work.

2. Entering Your Account Information

When you click on the tab for YouTube, MySpace or My Nero, you will see a spot for user name and password in the middle of Nero Move It. In order to connect to any of those online communities, you will need to enter the user name and password that you use to connect to those online communities when you are using a web browser.

Keep in mind that your user name and password are case sensitive. Once you have entered your correct user name and password for YouTube, MySpace or My Nero, click on the Test Login button to ensure that Nero Move It can connect to those online communities.

3. Displaying Online Communities as a Device

For each of the online communities that Nero Move It supports, you will see a box that reads Display (online community name here) as a device. To make it easier to sync files to online communities, it is recommended that you check this box. By checking the Display (online community name here) as a device box, Nero Move It will display the online community in the device list so that you can sync your files to that online community with the touch of a button. When you go to export your files in Nero Move It, just look for the online community that you have set up in the device list.