Nero MediaHome: Tips for Streaming Outdoors

Nero Mediahome is an application which makes it possible to stream your digital media throughout your home. This makes it easy to enjoy your media files without being forced to sit by your computer. This simplifies the process of streaming this media to all sorts of supported devices.

You can share your videos, photos and music files over your home network by using Nero MediaHome. As most homes have large wireless networks already, they will be able to put this to good use rather than just using it to share your Internet connection. Nero MediaHome can be used to stream your media outdoors. This makes it possible to enjoy your music while you are busy gardening or simply relaxing in the garden.

Battery Power

Relaxing outdoors on hot summer days can be a great way to relieve yourself of stress. Listening to or watching your media in the garden can make it even more enjoyable. It will be easiest to do this by using a battery powered player, which is compatible with Nero MediaHome. This makes it simple to listen to your music outdoors without worrying about needing to use extension cables to power your media player.

Pocket Players

The easiest types of players to use will be portable pocket MP3 players. These will have a small screen and are suitable for being watched by one person at a time. These pocket players are perfect for outdoor use because they can be slipped into your pocket when listening to music.


When streaming music or movies outside, it's a good idea to use headphones. These headphones will make it much easier to hear the music or the words of the film. By using headphones, it also means that you won't risk annoying anyone else who is also out in the garden.

Although some MP3 players have built in speakers, few of these are very powerful. They also have the problem of sounding tinny because they are so small.


If you're using headphones, then sharing might seem difficult. This is, however, possible by using a headphone splitter which allows you to plug two sets of headphones into the same socket. Some MP3 players support two sets of headphones as standard without the need for adapters.

Setting the Screen

If you are trying to watch TV or films outdoors, then you will need to ensure that the screen is set up correctly. This is important because it needs to be bright enough to see clearly. Although you can make some adjustments with the settings, it is still important to choose a Media player which has a clear screen even when being viewed outside.

Checking the Range

If you are planning on using your wireless network outside, then you will need to check the range. The range of the network is how far the signal will travel. Wireless network signals have trouble traveling through walls. Take your computer outside to check that it works properly. Remember though that the antenna on your portable media device is probably much smaller than your laptop, which could still make reception somewhat of an issue.