Nero MediaHome: Streaming Podcasts

Nero Mediahome can be used to liberate your media files so that they can be played throughout your house. This makes it very simple to be able to stream your files all over your home's network. Many people have a network at home these days, which can be used to share your files and send them into many different rooms all around your home.

Nero Media Home can also be used to stream podcasts to your connected network devices. This makes it possible to enjoy your favorite podcasts, even if you're not near your computer or MP3 player. What's more, the system is surprisingly easy to use and you should find it very simple to enjoy some of the best podcasts while you are busy doing other things.

Streaming to Devices

Almost every single home these days will have its own small network with many different devices in them. The devices are no longer computers as games consoles and media extenders are also connected to the network. Nero MediaHome is compatible with a wide range of different network devices. The list of supported devices include the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. There are also many supported operating systems including Vista and Windows 7.

Setting up MediaHome

In order to use MediaHome, you will need to install it by following the instructions included with the software. You will then need to share the folders and files which contain the podcasts. To do this, simply download the Podcast files onto your computer in MP3 format. This means that they are audio files and can be streamed to a wide variety of devices.

Sharing the Podcasts

When you have downloaded the podcast files that you want to stream, you then need to share them. The process is also the same for sharing pictures and videos. Click on the Share button, which will display a dialog box. Then, use the local folders tab to select files and folders on your own computer. Click the Add share button, and choose the podcast audio files that you want to stream onto other devices.

If you want to share more than one podcast, then simply repeat the process a until all of the folders or files are shared. The easiest way of organizing this is to put all of your podcast files into one folder and make this available to Media Home.


The Nero MediaHome software which runs on your computer is a type of server app. The first time that you are using this it's important that you open the app. This will ensure that the podcast files can be accessed from all of the devices on your network.

Choosing Devices

Now it's a matter of using the settings dialog to set the devices which are able to access the podcasts. To do this, click on Players and review the devices found in the network. Set the access control options by pressing the button in the dialog box. You can then allow access to certain playback devices.