Nero Burning Rom: Overcoming Scratches

Nero Burning ROM is one of the most popular applications for burning DVD's, CD's and Blu Ray disks. These optical discs can store masses of information, however, they are susceptible to scratches. While we were once led to believe that CD's were indestructible, that clearly isn't true. CD's and other optical disks can suffer from lots of problems caused by scratches, fingerprints or marks.

Using Nero Burning ROM to create your disks is very simple. This application makes it possible to burn your files, videos or music onto disk quickly and safely. What's more, by using Nero, you can also minimize any problems created by scratches. Any scratches on the disks can put your data at risk. However, it's possible to use Nero to attempt to recover whatever it is on the disk.

Minimizing the Scratches

All optical disks work in a similar way. These disks have plastic lenses on the bottom, which the lasers read the information through. This means that the scratches shouldn't affect the data on your disk as long as they are not too deep. They will, however, make it difficult for a computer, CD player or DVD player to read them.

Start by trying to polish out some of the scratches by using a car polish and soft cloth. Wipe the disks out from the center outwards. This should minimize the scratches. Then, use a clean cloth to remove any traces of polish. Metal polish can also be used, although you must be careful not to go too deep into the surface of the disk, which could damage it even more.

Sometimes if the scratches are very light, then you will be able to leave it at that. By polishing out the scratches, the disk might be suitable for use in your CD players and computers.

Rescuing the Data

When you have tried to polish the scratches as much as possible, you should then put it into your computers CD drive. Every version of Nero since version 8 has included CD rescue, which can be used to recover the data on a CD which is scratched.

Using Nero Burning ROM Rescue means that you will be able to copy the CD to another disk to ensure that the information can be read on other equipment. Nero will try to read the disk and then copy it onto another blank disk.

Rescue Agent

Nero burning ROM also features a Rescue Agent which is used to try and save your scratched CD. If you are using this, then open the agent and follow the instructions on the screen. This is a simple process where you follow exactly everything on the screen. The information on the disk will be captured from the disk and stored on your hard drive. The contents of the file can then be burnt onto a CD again so that it can be read on other computers and CD or DVD players.