Nero Burning Rom: How to Make Blu Rays

Anyone who has recently purchased a Blu Ray recorder for their computer may find that they have a copy of Nero Burning ROM. This is one of the most popular applications which can be used to create professional DVD's, CD's and Blu-Ray discs. Although surprisingly simple to use, the application might be intimidating to use at first.

Creating your first blu ray disc filled with files or videos is very easy when using Nero. The software is very reliable and a real joy to use. Anyone who wants to create a Blu Ray disk will be able to do so easily with this one piece of software and nothing else.

Step 1: Insert a Disc

Start by inserting a blank Blu Ray disk into your computers Blu Ray drive. A pop up window will appear asking you what you want to do. Cancel this because you do not want to use windows to burn the disk. Instead, open Nero Burning Rom so that this will handle burning the contents onto your disk.

Step 2: Select the Compilation

Now, click the drop down combo box and select the type of disk that you want to burn. In the case of a Blu Ray disk, you should select BluRay Video. There are also a number of tabs displayed on the screen which can be used to specify various settings for the disk. For most people though, it's possible to leave this in the default settings.

Step 3: Compilation

Now, click on the New button so that you see the selection screen. This will allow you to add files onto your Blu Ray disk. A browser window appears which makes it very simple to select all of the files you want to include. Simply drag the files into the folders on the disk.

Step 4: Burn the Disk

When you have finished adding the files that you want, simply click on the "Burn Now" button which will display another dialog box. Review the settings for your recorder and when you're ready click on the Burn button. This will take a few minutes to complete depending on the speed of your burner. You will then be informed when the burning process has been completed. The disk will be ejected, and you will be told if the burning was a success or if there were any errors in the process.

Step 5: Testing

Nero is a reliable application which is capable of burning Blu Ray disks. However, sometimes there are errors with the recording due to problems with the burner or the disc itself. To check the disc, pop it back into your computer and check that it can be read correctly. This will ensure that your disc is burnt correctly.

When the disc is known to be working, you might then like to try it in your Blu Ray player. Some Blu Ray players will be locked and not able to play, which is why it's worth checking.