Nero Burning Rom: Converting Files to Other Formats

The Nero Burning Rom is a popular computer program which allows users to convert files to a number of different formats. It is a program produced and released by Ahead Software, which can do a variety of functions including rip files from a disc as well as burn files onto a CD or DVD. The program is capable of converting to and from a number of filetypes including DiVx, ISO, BIN and MPEG-1 to name a few.

Step 1: Install and Launch

Nero’s Burning Rom program can be purchased from the company website. The website offers users the option of downloading a full version of the program for a price or a free trial. The free trial is limited for a certain amount of time and is suitable for first time users who wish to legally try out the program and its features before deciding to purchase.

Once downloaded, install the program onto the local hard drive. The program can be accessed by double clicking on the desktop icon or through the programs list by pressing the Start button. When the program is opened, the user will be greeted by a New Project window or a New Compilation window. Converting files can be done through either one of these options or through the Extras tab.

Step 2: Ripping Audio Tracks

Ripping refers to converting content taken from a CD or DVD and saving it onto the local hard drive. This is different from simply copying as the content needs to be formatted in order to be played on the computer. To convert audio files from a CD, simply put the CD onto the disk drive. Close the wizard or compilation window.

Access the Save Audio Tracks option which is located on the Extras Tab. If the program cannot automatically detect the correct settings, choose one from the list provided. Press the Output tab and MP3 from the drop down menu indicating the file format. Indicate the filename and target folder, then click Copy to complete the conversion process.

Step 3: Changing a DivX Movie to MPEG-1

In some cases, the movie is in DivX format. Although a popular format, it is not always found in other computer systems. The file will need to be converted into MPEG-1 to make it easier to share or play on other computers. Before any conversion, determine whether the original file is in PAL or NTSC format. Right click on the name of the file. If it indicates 23.976 or 29.97 frames, then it is in NTSC, while 25 frames means the content is in PAL format.

Place a blank CD on the writer and select the VideoCD compilation feature. Choose PAL or NTSC depending on the existing properties of the file. Press New to create a new compilation then drag the content onto the window. Once completed, select the Write CD option.

Step 4: Converting from .BIN to .ISO

An ISO file is an exact copy of the contents of the CD. From the File tab, click Burn Image. Depending on the version, select Image Files or All Files to see NRG, ISO or CUE files. Place a blank CD and select the files for copying. Change the settings if necessary. Click Write when completed.