Muvee Reveal: Taking a Look at the Included Styles

The Muvee Reveal is simple to use and elegant home moviemaker software that renders stylish results. The main selling point of the software is that it requires absolutely no prior video editing experience to use and enables you to create professional results in a snap. Making movies is easy with the Muvee Reveal software; all movies are automatically synced to the audio that you specify.

Also, a number of beautiful pre-rendered styles offer limitless creative options for you to work with. Here is a more in depth look into the included styles for Muvee Reveal.

About Included Styles

The included styles with Muvee Reveal are a quick, easy and a slick way of conveying the central theme of your home made movie. You can get a stylized look and feel applied to the movie with a single mouse click. Be it a kids’ soccer game, a family reunion, or a party of any other event for that matter, you always have a stylized theme that applies the relevant transitions and effects to radically transform the movie viewing experience.

Style Packs

You can either go for style packs or Single styles. Style Packs generally pack in three different works and styles that are available for the standard 16:9 and 4:3 display formats. Available styles are: Adrenaline Rush, Christmas, Mix It Up, photoFamily, photoFocus and more.

Single Styles

These are singular style elements that help to quickly transform the look and feel of the movie. Examples include: Life Story, Back To School, Halloween Horrors and Independence Day.

Style packs are available for around $15 and single styles are available free of cost.