Movkit Zune Video Converter: An Overall Look

The Movkit Zune Video Converter is a computer program which is useful in converting files supported by Zune. It is easy to use and master regardless of the user level. The program has several practical features which are described here.

Converts Video and Audio Files

As a conversion program, the Zune Video Converter supports several video formats such as the AVI, MOV, MPEG, QT, MPEG, WMV and more. These formats will be converted to the Zune WMV video format for play on the device without any loss of quality. The formats can also be converted to MP3, WMA and AAC which are also supported by the Zune device. Conversion from one file format to another is quick as the program is fully optimized for use on dual core processors. A number of codecs are included in the program, making it capable of completing the conversion process independent of the Windows codecs.

Editing Features

Users will be able to do some basic editing with the use of the program. Videos can be trimmed to a specific length by specifying the exact start and end times. Adjustments can also be made in terms of the video’s brightness, contrast and saturation levels. With the music and audio files, the volume levels can also be adjusted.

Bonus Features

The Zune Video Converter also comes with a Magic Preview feature which allows users to view the finished video while it is being converted or before it is converted. There is also a batch processing feature which allows for multiple files to be converted at one time using a single group of settings, saving the user time.