Movkit iPhone Suite: An Overview

The Movkit iPhone Suite is able to convert a variety of video formats for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod or Apple TV. There is no loss in quality between the original and the converted files. The following are some of the program’s key features.

Converts Video and Audio Files

Movkit’s iPhone Suite supports video files such as AVID, XviD, DivX and WMV for conversion to formats that are supported by the iPhone. DVD files such as VOB, IFO as well as a number of other popular video formats can also be converted for iPhone use. Video files can also be converted to MP3, WAV and W4A--audio files which can be played on the iPhone.

Edits Videos

The program allows users to change the video play mode to full screen, 16:9 or 4:3. Videos can also be cropped. The Magic Preview shows the edited video prior to or while the video is being converted. Users may choose to save these settings for use on future conversions. These settings can also be used in batch conversion mode, converting multiple files in a shorter amount of time.

Additional Features

The program is optimized for use on dual core processors produced by Intel and AMD. It has the ability to automatically detect the CPU’s model and offers users a choice on which speed to use. With at least two built-in decoding modes, video and audio files are converted with no reduction in quality. The use of these codecs makes the program able to compress an entire DVD movie to a single video file for the iPhone.