Movkit DVD to Zune Ripper: An Overall Look

The Movkit DVD to Zune Ripper is a computer tool used to convert DVD movies to formats compatible with the Zune device. It is simple to learn and use. The following are some of the key features of the program.

Converts DVDs and Music

The DVD to Zune Ripper supports a variety of DVD file formats for conversion to MP4 and WMV for video and to MP3, AAC, MP3 and more for audio. Converted files can be used and played on the Zune. The latest full screen formats for MP4, WMV and TV-out are also supported and part of the list of output options. A number of encoders and decoders have been built into the program to make it independent of Windows Codecs.

User Friendly Interface

The software has a simple interface design with well defined and colorful buttons and sliders. This makes the program easy to use and master even without reading the included manual. Users will be able to crop and edit their videos. The Magic Preview feature allows users to see the results of their editing while the file is being converted.

Additional Features

Built into the program is a Batch Mode feature. This feature allows users to convert several videos at one time using a single set of user defined settings. Using this feature makes it easier to edit and convert multiple DVD movies. With the Split Modes feature, users will be able to decide how the software should save the files--by chapter, size, time or as defined by the user.