Movkit DVD Copy: An Overall Look

The Movkit DVD Copy is a computer program which is useful in creating high quality backups of DVDs. By using the software, a perfect duplicate of the DVD movie is made without any reduction in quality. Use of the features is easy with a few clicks. The following are some of the main features of the program as well as information on how to avail of the software.


Creates High Quality Backups

The program allows the user to create high quality copies of DVDs. Discs supported include the DVD-5 and the dual layer DVD-9. The software copies all of the data from the original disc including videos, menu options, special features, subtitles, languages and extras. There is no loss of quality, creating an exact duplicate of the original.


Powerful Video Compression Engine

Built into the DVD Copy is the fastest engine currently available for video compression. This allows the user to create and duplicate the contents of an 8.5 GB dual layer DVD-9 disc in a span of 30 to 40 minutes. The actual time of the copying and burning process may vary depending on the speed of the computer’s hardware.



Movkit’s DVD Copy supports discs produced from any region. It removes the region protection feature used in DVD discs such as the RPC types I and II as well as the RCE, producing a region-free duplicate. CSS is also supported, copying CSS protected content from one DVD to another. The software also supports any type of DVD including DVD-R, DVD+R, RW discs. Burners and recorders supported include SCSI, IDE and USB types.



Users will be able to determine which files to copy or duplicate. Features such as the audio and subtitles can be removed from being copied, increasing the quality and speed of the disc copy.

Easy to Use

The software is easy to use. Only one click is necessary to initiate the copying of the DVD files onto a separate disc or saving a copy onto the local hard drive. Simply insert the original and blank DVD and press start to begin the copying and burning processes.


Minimum System Requirements

To avail of the features of the Movkit DVD copy, the computer must be running on Windows 2000, 2003, XP or Vista. The processors supported by the program include computers running on Intel or AMD with speeds of at least 1000 MHz. There must be at least 100 MB free on the local hard drive and 512 MB worth of ram to use the basic features of the software.


Safe to Use

Several third party websites have given positive reviews regarding the DVD copy. Individuals interested in purchasing the product are assured that there are no hidden viruses, adware or spyware included in the program. 


Purchasing Options

Consumers can choose to purchase the software from Movkit’s official website or download the trial copy for free. The trial version is free to use for a period of seven days or a total of five uses before the trial expires. For a slightly higher price, consumers can also opt to purchase one of several packs which includes other company products in addition to the Movkit DVD Copy.