MoviePlus: Using the Main Screen

The main screen of Serif MoviePlus provides a good user-friendly interface for all your editorial needs. Here are the main divisions of the main screen and their uses.

Properties Panel

The Properties Panel is on the top left and bottom right corner, and gives detailed information of the media which is loaded on to the tracks of the Timeline. There are slider controls for each track, and you can control the Opacity, Gain and Pan from here.

Explorer Panel

On the left bottom of the screen is the Explorer Panel, which lets you import the media into MoviePlus. Also known as the Media Panel, you can organize all the media files here and drag them onto the timeline when required. It also has tabs of the various tools which can be used.


On the top right hand side is the Timeline, which accommodates the selected media on audio and video tracks. Tracks can be grouped together or worked on singly. The media on the Timeline can then be non-destructively edited using the various tools and functions. Moving the marker on the Timeline enables you to select specific locations on the media.

Preview Panel

In this panel, you can see the preview of the video you have selected on the timeline.