MoviePlus: Trimming Clips

MoviePlus is the video and photo editing software by Serif, which has a lot of features and tools that make editing easy even for the novice. The software provides a complete solution for all digital editing needs and a sophisticated platform for creating great special effects. Below examines how easy it is to trim unwanted portions of a video clip.

Step 1: Load Your Clip onto the Timeline

MoviePlus has a user-friendly workspace, and you can start by loading your clip which needs trimming on to the timeline.

Step 2: Scrubbing

To exactly locate the parts on the clip which you want to trim, you need to view each frame slowly. For this, you will need to click and drag on the marker on the timeline and view the clip in the preview window. This will help you locate the exact location from where you need to trim the clip. This technique is also called scrubbing. If you feel the view in the timeline is too small, you can click on the zoom button on the top menu bar, above the timeline, to enlarge it.

Step 3: Trimming

Suppose you want to trim the end of the clip find the spot where you would like the clip to end, and place the marker there. Click on the clip once, and you will see a red outline appearing around your clip. Now, drag the end of the red line to where you have placed your marker, and you will find that you have successfully trimmed your clip. You can follow the same process if you need to trim the beginning portion of the clip.