MoviePlus: Manipulating Text

MoviePlus makes text manipulation easy. You can add text whenever you want, and then manipulate and edit it the way it suits your needs and requirements the best. MoviePlus has an Add More text dedicated button, which allows you to add captions, subtitles or credits. There are text objects and boxes that work independently and have their own style, format and animation or other effects and properties. You can create the impression you want simply by adding text boxes of very different styles.

Adding and Manipulating Text

Adding text is easy. You need to select an existing video and text clip and click on the add text button. Once you add the text you want, you can resize it, reposition it, rotate it and edit it, transforming the text completely. Text manipulation is possible when you select the text you want to edit. Depending on the operation you want to perform, you can apply different variants.

Text Manipulation Options

If you want to manipulate text using MoviePlus, you can scale the text to shrink or stretch. You can rotate the text moving it from its original point to a new position, or you can shear the text, simply by clicking the Ctrl key and using the mouse to drag the edges (and make your text shear). Most of the operations you want to do using the MoviePlus program to manipulate your text are possible using a simple key, and then dragging the text letters or box the way you want.