MoviePlus: Layering Audio Tracks

MoviePlus is the video editing program that has made video and audio editing much easier and efficient, even for the relatively amateur users. It comes with a sophisticated layout that allows users to arrange and edit videos, images and audio tracks in a rather flexible and versatile way. You can capture, enhance and burn videos to discs or upload them online. Moreover, MoviePlus has introduced a wide range of effective audio effects, allowing you to create audio layers and soundtracks for your video and movie.

You can create the soundtrack you want, using a series of built-in audio effects, music extracted from DVDs and CDs, or narration that could be recorded and stored in digital media.

Inserting Audio Tracks

The program allows you to mix audio sources and media; you can create the soundtrack you want using different types of audio media and combine them in an artistic way. Click on insert and add the audio tracks you want. You will see them in the two small windows of the program.

Choosing the Audio Track Length

Depending on what audio track you want to play first, you can click on it and listen to it playing. You can mute the 1st audio track for a specific time frame and then click on the 2nd and let it play over the 1st. This way, you can layer as many audio tracks as you want, muting and trimming them, using the track bar on the audio track windows. Once you are done, click on video preview to see if you are satisfied with the result and click on Save.