MoviePlus: Controlling Fades

MoviePlus X3 is a sophisticated video editing program, suitable for everyone who wants to create high quality videos and movies in a professional way (with special effects and upscale techniques). MoviePlus X 3 allows you to edit your videos and movies, adding a professional sparkle with a wide range of visual effects. One of the most common and popular video effect is fades. Creating and controlling fades in your videos can make them look much more interesting, adding a touch of professionalism to a home video or a more ambitious project movie.

Controlling Fades

MoviePlus allows you to combine effects to achieve the result you want. You can spice up the video by introducing and managing fades, and adjusting the on screen color, the contrast and brightness of the video. You can also recreate some scenes adding romantic effects, such as fades and glow. Fades will also help you blend different scenes together (or clips). You can also use them to introduce high quality 3D video clips and animations that will make your videos look much more exciting. Fade timing is fully customizable, so you can create the result you want.

Using Fades in MoviePlus

MoviePlus allows you to customize the style and intensity of fades and other effects. You can use the wide range of intuitive controls of the program and work on each video frame individually, generating smoother results. You can choose the transition timing, so that you enhance the video quality, personalizing the result.