MoviePlus: Adding Video Clips

Serif’s MoviePlus X3 is the latest application in the long line of its MoviePlus series. It is an all-in-one digital video editing solution that allows its users to produce and fix high quality film material so that they may share them with family and friends. It’s an easy to use interface, and the great transition effects allow users to edit their films and make backups compatible with a whole host of different consoles and portable systems. The following explains how to create a video and add different film clips in your project.

Step 1: Accessing New Clips

To add new clips to your project, you will need to first access them through the Explorer area on your main interface. To do this, click on the Explorer tab in the bottom left hand side of your screen. This will open a browser in the Explorer Area through which you can search your hard disc to find the film clips you need.

Step 2: Adding New Clips

Once you have located the proper folder, place your mouse cursor on top of a clip to see a preview. This will make it easier to find the exact clip you are looking for. After you have chosen which clip to add to your project, click and drag them to your Timeline area. You are also able to drag multiple files from the Explorer to the Timeline area.

Step 3: Managing Your Video in the Timeline Area

In addition to adding film clips to the Timeline area, you can also drag them back and forth over one another to set them in the proper chronological pattern of your choice. Now with the time cursor present in the time line area, you can choose the exact point of your video from where to start your editing.