Movie Finder: FAQs

MovieFinder is a free premier movie catalog program that lets you organize your movie inventory very quickly with just a few clicks compared to other similar programs. All you need to do is type the movie name and press Enter to choose whatever it is you need, from information on movies, to cover images all from Here are the most asked questions from customers:

1. How can I check out a movie?

Movies bearing a "checked out" tag are considered checked out, while those without it are available to rent. If you need to change the movie status to being available, you can go to "Movie Details," pull up the movie you want, click "Edit this Movie." After making changes to the "checked out" field, choose "submit changes."

2. Is it possible to print movie titles?

Yes. All you must do is look at the Options tab and choose Print All or Print Selections. You will be able to get options to print movie titles either with or without indexes.

3. Is it possible to delete more than one movie at once?

That is Very possible with MovieFinder and here is what you have to do. Find the options tab, where you will find a Delete Selections button and this will delete your selections permanently.

4. What is the fastest, easiest way to enter new movies? 

This it is as easy as clicking "New Movie" and type in your desired article. Then click enter to download a cover image and the information about the movie.