Movie Collector: An In-Depth Look

For avid collectors of DVD movies, there is the Movie Collector. It is one of a series of products created by the Collectorz Company for the collector. Other than DVD movies, the company has also released products and computer programs for collectors of music, books, comic books, video games, mp3s and photos. Movie Collector can be used on any devices running on PC or MAC, as well as any mobile device.

Adding and Playing Movie Titles

One way of adding titles to a personal collection using Movie Collector is by manually entering the title of the movie. The program will then search its online database for all movies that match the title entered. A list of results will appear, which includes information about the DVD edition. Users can read through the Preview information before adding the movie to their database. Downloaded along with the title is a series of related movie information, such as release year, genre, cast members, crew and DVD details such as cover images, features, subtitles, audio tracks and so on.

Collectors may also choose to add to their list by scanning the barcode using one of several scanners available for purchase. Users may also choose to add or link movie files to their database. The program then downloads any related information from their online database. Afterwards, the user may choose to see the details of the movie or view using any one of the compatible players.

Browsing, Searching and Sorting through the Collection

Movies included in the personal collection may be sorted in any way the user chooses using the Sort Order feature. By using the Quick Search box, the user may search the entire list or database for a particular title. For owners of the PRO edition, filters may also be used and customized to make searches easier. The PRO edition also includes a built in statistics tool which displays stats of the personal collection. Users can see the number of titles that they have depending on the director, actor, genre, studio or other factors.

The Collectorz Company Movie Database

The Movie Collector software derives its information from the company’s extensive movie database. There are more than 130,000 movies on the database with more than 180,000 different DVD editions. This amount is growing with the website allowing additions taken from user contributions.

Customization Features

For a more personal look, the program includes a variety of skins, styles and templates. Users may also choose to create, customize, upload or download their own skins, styles and templates that use the XSL or CSS code format.

Export Capabilities

Using the CLZ Movies application, users can choose to export their movie database to their mobile device such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Palm or PocketPC. Another option is by exporting it to a HTML format, attaching the database to a personal website. This gives users a portable database that they can carry anywhere and show off to family, friends or other individuals interested. The database can also be exported to text formal via Excel.

Other Features

The PRO edition’s Loan Manager is an added feature which allows the user to track DVDs being loaned. Users will be able to see who the disc was loaned to, when it was loaned, the due date and the actual return date. There is also an area which allows users to add notes.