Media 100 Suite: Getting Started

Media 100 is a non-linear video editing system. It offers its users a wide range of editing options, which makes it competitive with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. After you have installed the program on your computer, getting started with it is easy.

Step 1: Registering the Software

Open your applications folder and double click on 'Media 100' to load the program. Once it has loaded, a dialogue box will appear asking you to register. If you downloaded the trial version from the Internet, then all you have to do is click 'Not Yet,' and you will be able to use the program for 15 days. If you purchased the program, then use the unlock code that came with the software, or download to register the program so that you may use it forever.

Step 2: Creating a New Project

The 'Welcome Screen' will open offering you several options. Click on 'New Project' to create a new project. A dialogue box will appear asking you what you would like to name the project and where you would like to save it to. The 'Project Settings' window will then open. Here, you will select where your video, audio and rendered files will be saved to. You also will need to select a CODEC here too. Once these have been selected, the program will fully open up.

Step 3: Getting Acquainted with the Interface

There are several windows that work together to help you edit. There's the 'Project Window', the 'Edit Suite', the 'Monitor', the 'Audio Window' and the 'Audio Effects Window'. You will use the 'Project Window' to create a 'New Bin' for the project. The 'Bin' is where all of your files for the project will be stored so that they will be easily accessible when you edit. You can name the bin in the 'Project Window'.

Step 4: Capturing Video

Connect your camcorder to the computer with the firewire and turn it on. Then go to 'Media 100'-> 'Preferences'-> 'Video Input' and choose the firewire. Make sure that the settings here match the settings of your recorded video, and select your camera as the deck. Next, go to 'Device Control' and enter in the same settings. 

To actually capture video, go to the 'Edit Suit' and click on 'Acquire'. You'll be able to watch the video on your camcorder on the 'Monitor'. Use the 'Edit Suite' to choose which video to capture. Your captured video will be saved in the 'Bin'.

Step 5: Editing

Once you've captured some video, click on 'New Program' in the 'Project Window'. This will create a new timeline for the project. Drag your clips here from the bin, and you'll be able to edit them.