Maya Software for Beginners

Maya software is extremely powerful 3D design software which can be used by anyone who wants to create games or 3D prototypes. For any of your 3D design needs, Maya can be very helpful. In order to use Maya, you must master the interface and spend time learning exactly how to use the application to get the most out of it.

When you master Maya, it should be very easy to create professional 3D animations. You do, however, need to practice and understand exactly how to use the tools correctly.

Getting to Know the Interface

The user interface is how you control Maya. At first glance, this looks very similar to an image editing application. It is, however, much more complicated and there are many different features that you wouldn't see in different apps. At first you might be overwhelmed by the Maya user interface, but after some time you will get used to it.

The menu bar can be changed by adjusting the drop down box in the status bar. This is similar to any other windows application. The tool box can be used to select the tools that you want to use to create your 3D model. It's also possible to create different layers in a similar way to Photoshop.

Getting to Grips with 3D

Creating a 3D model is much more complicated than a flat image. This is because you will need to get to grips with wireframe models. In order to build a 3D model, you will need to create a wireframe which can then be filled with color and textured surfaces. This can be difficult if you're new to Maya and 3D design. You will need to get to grips with visualizing the wireframes in your head so that you can see what everything will look like without needing to render.

Understanding Rendering

When you have created your wireframe design, you can apply various colors and textures to it. By rendering the colors, you will be able to see what the finished project will look like. Rendering takes a long time to complete and requires a very fast computer. If you don't have a dual core processor and 2GB of RAM or more, then you might struggle to do this comfortably.

Rendering individual views isn't too complicated, but rendering animated scenes with 25 frames per second is very difficult for your PC.


When you have created your basic wireframe design, you can create animations. Maya has tools built in to make it easy to animate your 3D designs. The animation controls have a timeline and range slider which can be used to select certain parts of your video. The simple playback controls make it easy to review your animation so far.

Objects can be animated in a number of different ways. Motion paths can be used to move an object along a certain path. The lines can be straight or curved. The flow path animation tool is much more complicated and capable of more sophisticated animations.