Mastering the Effects Tab in Showbiz DVD

Whether you want to create an impressive slideshow or simply have fun making a family movie, use the effects tab the slideshow software offers. You can use it to create standard effects or special effects. Simply follow these steps. 

Step 1: Open Your program

Open your program and load a new project. Drag and drop the photos on which you wish to apply effects to, into the display area. Give the project a name and save it for safety measures.

Step 2: Storyboard/Timeline

Add simple, still images to the Storyboard and complex options such as text and audio to the Timeline. You can add video tracks and audio tracks to the Timeline as well.

Step 3: Audio Trimming

You can add long songs or include short parts and single verses. You can trim the clip just like trimming a video. Also, drag and drop the respective edge of the file to change starting point or ending point.

Step 4: Text Effects

Another great thing about Showbiz DVD is that it allows you to add text effects. You can choose between Simple and Fancy. Click-and-drag the text style you want to use in the Timeline. Enter the text; modify the font in the new window which appeared on the screen.

Step 5: Special Effects

Special effects are different from standard ones. Choose from a range of fun and interesting effects available in the program to make your movie special.

Step 6: Color effects

You can add color changing effects, from black and white to sepia, from single-color effect to multiple-color effects using the Effects Tab. This way you can add a personal touch to your plain photos making them look professional.

Step 7: Photo frames

You can add photo frames to your photos. Make them look funny and original. You can also use the Effects tab for this kind of effect.

Step 8: Background

You can add background images to your slideshow. Choose between one of the background collections. Click the Themes tab and pick which one you prefer for your movie. The Animated Menu albums also contain video background collections, so you are offered various possibilities.

Step 9: Chapter buttons

You can also add chapter buttons. But instead of static ones, they can run the videos that they represent, so go in the Media tab and choose Animated Thumbnails box. Set the time to play them before they loop. Click Preview Animation to take a look before applying them.

Step 10: Customizing chapter buttons

You can customize each chapter button’s frame, making it unique. Go to the Customize tab then highlight the chapter buttons you wish to update. Double-click on the frame you wish to use.

Step 11: Sub-menus

You can create sub-menus by clicking on Create Sub-menu under the Media tab. These sub-menus are useful if you have a lot of different videos under a broad subject.

Step 12: Customizing menu text

Double-click the text, click on the "Text" tab and choose from various text options. Modify size, style, alignment and color.