Making Texture with AutoDesk MudBox

The AutoDesk MudBox software is a great help when wanting to make textures or add textures to your 3D project. The user-friendly interface makes it simple and easy to use, even for those who are not familiar with the program’s features. Here is how it is done.

AutoDesk MudBox Menus

First, you need to install the software and verify compatibility with your operating system. After that, launch the program and click File -> Open Project. After you open your 3D object, check for the three buttons in the top left, right under the File Menu: 3D View, UV View and Image Browser. Make sure you stay on the 3D View window. Also, make sure that right under the 3D object window, you have another 3 buttons: Sculpt Tool, Paint Tool and Select/Move Tool. You will be needing them when you perform the texture apply on your project.

You should have another menu opened in the right, containing the following buttons: Layers, Object List, Viewport Filters, Sculpt and Paint. Open the Layers button.

Layers, Stencils and Tools

After opening your project, go to the right menu. Click the Layers button and make sure you have at least 3 arrows opened in the Name section. The Diffuse arrow should contain paint Layer 1 with layer opacity of 100% and a colourmap of 100 as well. Specular arrow must have a specmap of aprox. 40+, while Bump Value button must have a colourmap of +/- 25. Next, go to Properties: Stencil, under the Layers box. Here, check the box On right on top of the Image box. You can use the Import and Export to import files or export files.

Also check for the Transformation and Advanced buttons that are placed right under. You will need them to apply additional transformation on your project. You can now select a texture from Stamp, Stencil or Material Presets using the small box in the right of your screen. After selecting it, the texture will apply to your 3D object. Go to the Select/Move Tools button and choose Spray.

Paint Tools

Paint Tools are really the ones doing all the magic in AutoDesk MudBox. Click the Paint Tools button and select Projection. Adjust or change the image’s color. As you can see, the Properties: Stencil box turned into Properties: Projection box. Adjust Color, Size and Strength. Make sure Mirror stays Off. Open the Falloff button in the bottom right menu and choose a type of falloff, from solid to transparent. This will help you cross-section colorize your object.

Apply the texture on all surfaces and retouch the edges, to make them glow more. It will bring a nice effect and point the sharpness out. You can also add a stamp and create a dirt effect or simply leave it as it is. Either way, do not forget to save your project and enjoy the results.