Making Slideshows with DVD Factory

The DVD MovieFactory 7 (DVD Factory) by Corel is a simple DVD production application that allows users to create high definition media presentations, to burn onto their own DVDs. It works well with all picture formats and lets you create slideshows in HD to share with your friends and family. This article looks at how to create a slideshow in DVD Factory.

Step 1: Create Project

In the Start Menu of the Quick Project Area of DVD Factory, click on Create Slideshow Disc.

Step 2: Choose Format

This will take you into the Project Format dialog box where you must choose DVD-Video as your Format. Now, click on the OK button.

Step 3: Create Slideshow

Now in DVD Factory, you will be able to see the Add Slideshow button on your screen. Click on it to begin choosing the pictures you want to add in your slide show. Now, click Next on the Gallery Tab to enter the Menu Template category.

Step 4: Choose Template

In the Menu Template category, choose one of the templates by double clicking it. Now you will be able to add text to your slideshow. Click on the Preview button to check your slideshow before clicking on the Burn button to copy it onto a DVD.