Making Slideshows in Roxio PhotoShow

Roxio PhotoShow is a very easy to use application. This makes it very simple to create your own photo slideshow. Photo slideshows are a fantastic way to display your photographs to your friends and family. The slideshows can be shared with your contacts on the Internet, or alternatively burned onto a DVD.

PhotoShow makes it very easy to do all of these tasks without needing to use any additional software. This handles all of the tasks required.

Step 1: Adding Photos

First, you should run Roxio Photoshow. When the application is loaded, start a new project and start adding the photos that you want to use. Roxio PhotoShow slideshows also support videos, which means that all of the different types of media can be selected.

Step 2: Viewing the Slideshow

As soon as all of your photos are added, the software will automatically create a slideshow. This means that you can create a professional slide show with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Step 3: Customization

Just because the software automatically creates a slideshow, it doesn't mean that you need to leave it exactly as it is. There are many different features you can use to adjust and customise your slideshow. Rearrange the order of the photos by dragging them. Transitions and special effects can also be added to your sliteshow.

Step 4: Sharing

PhotoShow also makes it very simple to share your finished slideshows with other people on the Internet. The slideshow can also be burned onto a DVD if preferred.