Making Animated Text Effects in Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is a useful piece of video production software which can create some unique and interesting effects. If you want to create animated text, for example, then this is very simple. Animating text in this software shouldn't take long to complete and the results should be very professional.

By animating text, you can make it look much more interesting and attractive. This can make it much more likely for people to want to view your project. Once you master the secrets, it's actually very simple. There's just a little bit of knowledge that you need to master.

Step 1: Starting a New Project

Start by opening Sony Vegas Movie Studio, and then create a blank project. To keep everything nice and tidy, remove any of the tracks that you're not going to use. For a simple animated text video with background music, you only really need the music and text timelines.

Step 2: Adding Music

You can add background music if you desire.

Step 3: Inserting Text

Right click the Text or Video timeline and then select Insert Text Media. This will make a separate text editor to appear which can be used to enter anything onto the screen. As you change the text it will automatically be updated in the preview window behind this. You will also be able to select different fonts to change the look of the text.

Step 4: Spacing

Adjusting Spacing is easy. This makes the letters further apart from one another. To adjust the spacing, click on the Properties tab and adjust the Tracking slider. The properties tab also has choices for text and background colors. Click on effects to add a background shadow. Once you have finished the text, then you should close the text window.

Step 5: Extending the Length of the Text

Right click the text and select Edit Media. Then, you can adjust the length. It's also possible to click the end of the track and stretch it.

Step 6: Animating Text

Now it's time to animate the text. Click on the Event Pan/Crop button and then adjust the workspace. You will then be able to rotate, zoom and crop the text so that it is animated and looks more attractive.