Making A Digital Transition in DVD Slideshow Builder

A digital transition is frequently used with DVD Slideshow Builder. This software is used to create shows with photos. It produces photo slide shows. A transition can be added in between each photo. There are 2d and 3d transitions, rotate effects, zoom effects, animated pans and other effects. The created slideshows can contain audio, images, video clips and can be played on a wide range of digital media players such as iPods, TVs, computers and more.

Step 1: Drag and Drop Pictures

Drag and drop the desired pictures into the story board to create the photo slide show. These pictures can come from anywhere. Add pictures form MySpace, your hard drive, a picture card and more. Once the pictures are in the story board, they can be changed around until the desired sequence is achieved.

Step 2: Randomize Transition Effect

When a photo is added to the story board, different transitions will be added automatically. The type of transition is completely random. These transitions can be completely randomized many times. If you do not like the first transitions, simply randomize the transition effect again. This randomization button is located at the bottom of the panel.

Step 3: Change Transitions 

With SlideShow Builder, it is possible to completely customize these transitions. To choose a transition, right click on the transition thumbnail and edit the selected transition. There are more than 150 different transitions that can be used. All the text can be edited.

Step 4: Transition Customization

Each transition itself can be customized in several ways. It is possible to have the rotation of the effect change. It can not rotate, rotate 90 degrees, rotate 180 degrees or rotate 270 degrees. It is possible to duplicate the transition up to 4 times. The last customization is the ability to change the duration of the effect. Speed up the transition or slow it down.

Step 5: Apply to All

The same transition change can be applied to all transitions at once. Changing the same customization on all transitions can take a long time when doing it one by one. Simply highlight the necessary effect and select the apply to all tool.

Step 6: Movie Style

There are some pre designed transition styles within the different available movie styles. These pre designed options make it possible to create a slideshow in a matter of minutes. A few of the preset movie designs will use transitions just for a romantic movie, kid’s movie, action movie and more. All the chosen transitions fit the movie style perfectly. There are more than 50 different movie styles.

Step 7: Go 3D

3D transitions are a lot of fun and are more advanced. However, with SlideShow Builder, these 3D effects are easy to use for transitions. A few 3D effects include melting, flying cubes, cube door, cube fly in, open door, panel in, rippling, swirling, rotating, rotating horizontally and rotating vertically.  

Step 8: Select Output

Once all the transitions have been added and audio has been added, the slideshow can be burned and output in several different formats. The available formats include 3GP, AVI, WMV, MPEG, VCD, HD DVD and DVD. These formats support media players, TVs, computers, phones and more.