Making 3D Animation Menus in Nero Vision

Nero Vision is fantastic software designed for the Nero suite, available for both professionals and beginners. DVD authoring is not a problem anymore, mostly because Nero Vision comes with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use installation guides.

Nero Vision is Nero’s CD and DVD authoring responsible component. You can use options such as add animations, audios, titles, chapters, menus and many more to DVD content. You can transform your videos from simple and plain to full complete DVDs with special features. You can also make use of the basic structures, video editing options and video conversions. You can also use it with speed applications for fast file trans-coding.

Step 1: Launch Your video

You can start first by launching the Nero Vision software on your computer. Import your existing files such as DVD or VOB into a new project and start trans-coding the video or videos. Choose Make DVD -> DVD-Video. For a 4.7GB disc, choose DVD-1 (8cm) content while for a double-layered disc choose DVD-9. From the “More” button choose “Video Options”. After that, configure your project. Select your video mode, such as PAL or NTSC. Enable smart encoding from General tab. Go next to DVD-Video tab for video format, trans-coding quality, aspect ratio and other settings.

Step 2: Prepare Video for Menus

Save your settings and start loading the input files in order to edit them and create chapters. You can split and cut your videos into small chapters using the Video Track section. Use the Properties box to add duration, text, font, position and rotation. You can manually add chapters or use Nero Version’s automatic detection features. When you are done adding chapters, you can hit Next to return to Content. Go back to the Select Menu screen as well.

Step 3: Create Menus

Nero vision allows you to add Smart 3D animation effects like classic frames, cubes, hanging screens, monitors, towers, lattice, toy trucks, wanderlust and even wobbling screens. Go to your Select Menu screen. From the dropdown Menu, select the types you want to work on. You can select between options such as “title menus only”, “do not create a menu” or “title and chapter menus”. You can now see the layout of the edit menu screen. You can choose from Intro Video to Main Menu or Chapter Menu previewing. In your right menu, you can open Customize tab and Templates tab. Use Advanced editing such as full match, extra features+last few minutes or extra features+highlights.

After editing your video, go to Templates tab. You can select the menus to use on, categories of 3D animation such as Smart3D, Standard 2D or Animate 2D. You can add different templates to your main menus and chapter menus. You can adjust Template Settings for default or custom transitions and choose various themes. Edit background properties, audio, interaction or even animation properties. You can also edit appearance and apply aspect ratio transformations, linkages and text effects. Don’t forget to save your template.