Magix Movie Edit Pro: Cloning

Magix Movie Edit Pro is a movie editing software with a lot of features and tools, which makes it easy for anyone to create some dramatic effects. You have seen in many movies an actor playing a double role, and both the characters can be in the same scene together. This is a cloning effect that can be achieved by using Magix Movie Edit Pro. Here's how:

Step 1: Making Two Clips

When you are making your movie clips, it is important to have a tripod for your movie camera and make sure that you shoot the scene from the same position, keeping the same angle. This will make the cloning effect seamless and easier to create. In the first clip, all the action will be taking place on the right side of the shot, and in the second clip, it will be the left side which will have the same actor moving about.

To demarcate the left and right side, either have a marker or use an object in the middle of the frame to serve as the marker. You also need to make sure that there is no movement taking place in the background when you are shooting the two clips.

Step 2: Load the Two Clips on the Timeline

Once you have shot the two clips and saved it on your computer, initialize Magix Movie Edit Pro and drag the two clips onto the Timeline.

Step 3: Cropping

Right click on the first clip in which all the action has taken place on the right side of the marker. From the menu which pops up select "Picture size and position". In the window that opens, on the right side select "Cropping" and deselect "Keep Proportions". In this window there is a preview which has a dotted outline on its edge with handles. Now you need to block out the left side of the image as the actor is on the right side of the marker. To do this, drag the middle handle from left side of the dotted line up to your marker and click OK. Now when you view this clip, you can only see the right side of the frame from your marker.

Do the same thing for the second clip, but remember, the sides are different. In this clip, you need to crop the right side of the scene as the actor is on the left side of the marker.

Step 4: Cloning Effect

Align both the clips so that they are more or less synchronized and are playing in the same time frame. When you now watch the video, you will find that there are two images of the same actor on the either side of the shot. You have effectively cropped the unwanted parts of both the clips and then seamlessly merged them together to create a cloning effect.