Magix Movie Edit Pro: Automatic Audio Dubbing

The Magix Movie Edit Pro software program gives you a way to do professional and automatic audio dubbing and audio restoration. Here are few features and benefits of using the program.

Clear Digital Sound

This program is capable of making recordings with clear digital sound. You can get rid of those annoying hissing sounds that came from the camcorder’s recording mechanism, make sure all the sound tracks are balanced, get rid of any fluctuations in sounds levels and more.

Burn Projects to DVD or Blu-Ray

Once you complete a video, you can set it to automatically copy your project onto either a regular DVD or a Blu-ray and make a professional looking menu similar to those on store bought movies. There are several menu templates to choose from.

Transfer Video to Other Devices

You can move your completed video project from the computer to a supported mobile device such as the iPad or iPhone. Magix has a drop-down list to choose the model of your device.

Processes Multiple Files at Once

Magix Edit Pro can process many video files at once to save time. This is called batch processing, and the program supports it by allowing you to convert or transfer several videos at once to the formats and locations needed.

Videos Can Upload to YouTube

You can use the saoftware on Internet. Magix Movie Edit Pro helps you put your videos on the web at YouTube so you can share them with the world.