Magix Movie Edit Pro 15: MultiCam Editing

Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 is a sophisticated video editing program that offers even more today. Both professionals and amateurs in video editing know that Magic Movie Edit Pro is one of the simplest, but most complete video editing solutions in the market, offering boundless options and possibilities, amazing comfort, as well as a satisfying degree of navigation easiness. Multi-cam editing is one of the latest features in the program, ideal for ambitious and playful users.

What is Multi-Cam Editing?

Multi-cam editing allows you to edit your videos for multiple cameras, adjust the colors, rework on your videos, and create new and professional looking BluRay discs and DVDs.

If you shoot a scene with more than one camera, you need an efficient application to edit the footage from the multiple cameras and mix it together, working on the montage of your footage. This is what Multi-Cam software does. All the theatrical plays, soap operas and TV shows are shot using multiple cameras, so the director needs to work on multi-cam editing.

Uses of Multi-Cam Editing

So, what can you do with Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 Multi-Cam Editing? You can edit together up to 120 camera angles at once. This software program can make the process completely painless, since it gives you a simple point and a very specific procedure to work on, lining up 2 video files and different angles together. The program helps you synchronize the different footage you have, giving you a professional result. It is a very useful and sophisticated feature that has found its way into a consumer video editing program.