Magic Bullet Looks: Transferring Looks Between Programs

Magic Bullet Looks can operate either on a stand alone basis or as a plug in for a host of different applications that work both on the MAC and the PC. It is ideally suited for graphic designers and animators who wish to create looks in any form of media. Whether it is a photo or a video, Magic Bullet Looks gives them the ability to add a whole host of effects in a very simple and efficient manner. The following tutorial discusses how to share looks across different software with Magic Bullet Looks.

Step 1: Creating a Look

Whether you begin your work in Adobe Photo Shop or Adobe After After Effects, you are able to apply different looks to your media through Magic Bullet Looks. In the case of Photoshop, Magic Bullet Looks operates as a plug in filter called Magic Photo Looks. Just like in After Effects, you can access different looks available in the Magic Bullet Looks builder through the Filters option in Photoshop’s Menu Bar, and can either choose one of the presets available or customize a unique look.

Step 2: Saving a Look

Just like for any existing digital pictures which are saved with a JPEG or GIF file extensions, Magic Bullet Looks has its own Look file extension, .ls3, that allows users to save and share different Look files across media applications.

Having created a unique look in Magic Photo Look, you can save this look through the Magic Photo Look Builder. Simply click on File in the Menu Bar, choose the Save Look As option and choose the location and name to save. Now, your look can be accessed on any application which uses the .ls3 file format.

Step 3: Sharing a Look

To share a look, open a photo in any application that can access an .ls3 file format or has a Magic Look effects filter plugged into it. Once you have selected that picture or video, whether it is on Photoshop, After Effects or Magic Bullet Looks on either the PC or MAC, simply open the looks file through the Look builder, click on File in the Menu Bar, then click on Open Look File and choose the look file that you have saved. This will automatically upload the look effect that is saved on that file onto your media. It is a simple enough process.

One thing to remember though, even if an application does not have access to a Magic Bullet Looks plug in, you can always upload a previous saved look to a photo or video through the stand alone Magic Bullet Looks application. Once you have applied the look, save the picture or film and open it again in any media application of your choice. The real key to doing all this is to remember to save your look as a separate file.