Magic Bullet Looks: Creating an Old Film Look

It is now possible, with Adobe After Effects (AAE) & Red Giant Software's Magic Bullet Looks, to edit videos in such a manner as to give them that old vintage look that is so commonly prevalent in all old films. It is by no means an easy process, given the amount of details that must be taken care of. However, with the proper time invested into this process, you can give an authentic classic look to films that have been taken as recently as yesterday. The following tutorial describes how to create an old film look through Magic Bullet Looks.

Step 1: Setting up Frame Rate

In the Adobe After Effect’s main interface, once you have chosen the video that you wish to edit, you have to first change the video’s frame settings to a slow it down. This is can be done through the Composition option in the Menu Bar. Once you have set the frame rate to a suitable level, you have to edit your video in such a way that there are jumps in the time line, going from one scene to the next. Last but most importantly, you need to setup light leaks in your video; this can be done through Trapcode Particular, which is available in the Effects menu. It will help setup particles in your video which you can edit into light leaks that are crucial for giving your video that “old school” look.

Step 2: Exporting Video to Magic Bullet Looks

Once your light leaks have been set up, you must setup an Adjustment layer on top of your media and then add the Magic Bullet Looks effect to it. Click on the Edit button in the Looks effect to enter the Looks Builder. In the Magic Bullet Looks Builder, click on the preset Looks panel to choose an old film look to apply to your video. With the multitude of looks available in this category, choose from applying any old film look you desire, from the Orange Pink Taint to the Sunlit Bright look. Once you are satisfied with the outcome of your effect, click on the OK button to return back to the main AAE interface.

Step 3: Final Adjustments: Adding Magic Bullet Misfire Effects

The last step that needs to be taken here is to apply those grainy components to the film that will really give that old school effect and give it an air of authenticity. These subtler effects can be added through the Magic Bullet Misfire. Check on the multitude of options available to in this tool set, from fading to adding splotches to adding micro scratches to finalize the old film look on your video. Save these changes to make old film a reality.