LightWave Plugin: How to Use Step Selects

The LightWave plug-in has a user-friendly interface which allows anyone to work easy with the application. You can add a vast range of animations and special 3D effects to your projects or create new ones. Another great thing about this program is that you can use Step Selects to make your work easier.

Step 1: Working with Modeler Plug-Ins

LightWave plug-in allows you to use it with other plug-ins as well for maximum performance. You can select from a list of various specific plug-ins. You can use the LScript plug-in for great incremental save performance. Choose Modeler Scripts that work along with your LightWave plug-in, such as BlurVMaps, ideal for accurate blurring or BreakUp to break your object into small parts.

LatticeSplitPolygons is ideal for splitting four-side polys into small grids, while the Radial Array Fibonacci cloning application allows you to clone objects onto radial arrays. When working with polygons in your LightWave plug-in, you will also need plug-in help to select polygons by size and radius. The SharpSmooth allows you to replace LightWave’s curve smooth command and does a better job.

Step 2: Working with Layout Plug-Ins

LightWave plug-ins also works great with special Layout plug-ins. This plug-ins makes it easier for the user. You can use layout plug-ins such as copy pasting keys, cloning item to item, lightmesh, mirror hierarchy, motion mixer controls, preview range toggles, replacing images, saving transformed images, sew coincident points, sub-patch, update bones and more. You can work on the object visibility and make it invisible, and use textured polygons and front face wireframes. Choose the motion capture control to move or rotate objects using the LightWave plug-in. You can also use animation plug-ins and other 3D plug-ins to work along with LightWave.

Step 3: Using Step Selects

LightWave plug-in works best with LScript and Modeler hosts. When using Step Selects, you work with a certain pattern and group of polygons. You use the original poly selection to define the direction of the group polys. Launch your LightWave plug-in in Modeler module. Make sure you are in the Polygons ^H working sheet. Go to the left dropdown menu in New Group and select Step Selects. Check the dialogue box for Order Sel blank, Sel number 2, Check Base Blank, and give the number of polygons you need to be looped.

Next, go to Detail page in the top menu. This will open other options in your left. Choose Parts -> Create Part. Give the Part a name. Select 2 polygons, and then go back to your first page in the top menu. Again, open Step Selects and type a Sel number and a Blank number. Go to Polygon Statistics and look for Part (none) in the list. Open the Part file you just named in the Details page. Save your work and view the results.

LightWave plug-in is an easy-to-use application, compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.