LightWave Plugin: How to Use Distance Scale

When you watch 3D Blockbuster movies, you enjoy the spectacular graphics delivered by the Newtek LightWave plug-in and award winning artists. NewTek LightWave, in collaboration with 3D artist, has received worldwide recognition for its fantastic 3D animations and graphics. LightWave artistry can be seen everywhere, not just in blockbuster films and on every other commercial you see on television, but also in print ads and magazines.

LightWave uses plug-ins to create this magical artistry. One of the most popularly used LightWave plug-in is the Distance scale. The Distance Scale plug-in for modeler provides 2D and 3D distance measurements between two selected points. A simple tutorial to use this plug-in can be followed through the simple steps below.

Step 1: Getting Started

Open your project and select the desired objects you want to scale. Go to the tabs and click on “Plugins”. Your Modeler tabs can be customized so just open the plugin “Distance Scale”. You will see the current distance between the 2 objects you have chosen to scale. Below are 3 white clickable “X”, “Y”, “Z” and below it the “Distance”. Just like in mathematics, the “x, y, z” denotes the three points on a plane.

Step 2: Select 2 Points

Select 2 points in your polygon object model, when taking on new projects always remember to start on simple models first. Select one of these points and drag to resize; you will see the “Current Distance” value change accordingly. Click on one of the coordinates and drag the point and watch as it scales itself according to the coordinate selected.

Step 3: Select 4 Points

You will need to select 2 points each on 2 different objects on your modeler. The exercise is to fit one plane of the first object (points 1 and 2) to a plane of the second object (points 3 and 4). Click the selected points on each object that you want to scale, move a point, and drag to change the size or dimension. You can also enter in the desired value on the “Distance” box and click “Ok”.

Observe that point 1 and 2 (points on the first object) will change its dimensions. This is so that the first object will be automatically scaled in order to fit the points (3 and 4) in the second object. LightWave automatically scales the distance between the 2 objects and corrects the size and dimension of the points in the object to fit the second objects size.

Step 4: Practice on 6 Selected Points

For this exercise, you can opt to select whether you want to have 3 objects with 2 points selected on each or just 2 objects, one with 2 points selected and the other with 4 selected points. Click on the objects and enter the distance value. Just like in Step 3, select a point and drag to resize the object. Watch as the first (second or third, depending on what combination of points you used) resizes itself accordingly.