LightWave Plugin: Advantages to Incremental Save

The LightWave plugin is great for 3D animation and special effects. Now you can create 3D animating effects or add new ones to your existing projects. The plugin also comes with various incremental save advantages. 

Program Details

LightWave plugin is both Windows and Mac compatible, with a user-friendly interface. The plugin works great with the Incremental Saver Lscript and Modeler. You can start by installing the software on your PC or Mac. Launch the program and open a new or already existing project.

Incremental Object Saver

This is a Modeler plugin that saves incremental back-up files by copying them into configurable locations. This way, you can work with single files that don’t require changes of name. It has a separate command where you can configure the backup location, name scheme and file limitations. LightWave plug-in will allow you perform incremental saving by opening a dialogue box and select the filename format, the number of digits and incremental directory, along with the maximum number of incremental files. Also, you can configure your incremental scene saver layout in the same way as the object saver. It uses the same incremental backup system options.

Some other great things about the incremental saver plugin is that it is freeware, it has limiting options for backup files, it keeps a specified number of backup files that can be compressed as archive files, and it can be saved on your disk space. The backup locations can be configured in LightWave plugin as an absolute path. You can use the Incremental Object Saver version 1.0 or later for the Modeler module and the Incremental Scene Saver version 1.0 or later for the Layout module. Both work great with the Lightwave plugin version 8.0 or 9.0.


What is great about LScript is that it saves incremental files in a folder without overwriting the existing ones. You can use the LightWave plugin features to incremental save a file in formats such as “lwo” or “lws”. The script creates a special folder with the “_incr” option and adds the file to it. The difference between the original file and the last one saved with the script is that although it keeps the same format and name, it also adds a “_[number]” part. This way, the files don’t overwrite, even if the names are similar. Another great thing is that you will not be working on the last saved file, but on the original one.

Any changes you make to the original file won’t apply to your incremental save. If you wish to save the modified original file, you can create another incremental save, also with the same name, but a different number added in the “_[number]” part. This way, your work will have a clean incremental history.

LightWave plugin works great with other modelers and layout modules and scripts, and it truly is an easy-to-use application.