Learning about Leawo Video Converter for PC

The Leawo Video Converter is a computer program used to download and covert from one video or audio format to another. It also has the ability to create photographs taken from videos. The program also allows users to do some basic editing actions. Using Leawo’s video converter will enable users to convert video or audio and play them in a variety of devices and media players including mobile phones, websites, portable media players or on television. Here are some of the key features and generation information about the Leawo Video Converter.

Ease of Use

Installation and use of the program is easy. The interface allows users with no prior technical knowledge to utilize the features.

Conversion Capabilities

Video or audio files need to be in specific formats to play on different media players. For instance, Apple TV requires MP4 while uploading a video online requires the file to be in FLV format. The program can support conversion to and from a number of well known video and audio file types. Some of the video and audio formats include AVI, MOV, DivX, WMV, VOB, FLV, WMA, MPEG and MP3. These video and audio formats can be played on portable media players such as the iPod Touch, Mini, Classic, Nano and Shuffle, Apple TV, gaming consoles such as the PS3, PSP and the Xbox 360, mobile phones and other similar electronic devices.  

Video Editing Abilities

Within the program are a number of functions and settings which allow the user to do some basic editing. Users will be able to choose a particular segment of the video and trim or remove the unnecessary parts. The brightness, contrast and saturation levels of the video can also be modified. A variety of video effects can also be added to customize the final look of the video.

Export Features

The user can choose to change various settings for the final video file. Users may choose to change the audio or video codec, the video size and quality, bit rate, video frame rate and audio sample rate among others.

Additional Features

The Leawo Video Converter supports multithreading for processing multiple files, making the conversion process quicker. A watermark can also be added by using the software. This can help protect the content of the video from any unlawful use when it is distributed or shared online or by other means. Watermarks can be in the format of an image or text.

System Requirements

The software can be installed on computer systems that are running on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, with an Intel or AMD processor of at least 1 GHz. At least 512 MB of free hard disc space is required to install the software. The system must also have a minimum of 256 MB of RAM to run the basic features while the recommended amount is 512 MB. It must also have version 8.1 of Microsoft’s DirectX in order to use the conversion features of the program. Other minimal requirements for playing exported files include a DVD-ROM drive, Quicktime Player 6.0 and Windows Media Player 9.0.