Learning about Aiseesoft YouTube Downloader Pro

Aiseesoft YouTube Downloader Pro allows you to directly download videos from YouTube, along with 150 other video sharing sites, directly to your computer. The program is essentially a media encoder that allows you to take Flash video, wither it's from the internet or created on your computer, and then convert it into another video file formats like MP4, H.264, AVI, or MPEG. This allows you to enjoy your favorite videos on any device wither it's a computer, television, or mobile phone. 

System Requirements

The Aiesesoft YouTube Downloader Pro is only available for computers that use Windows as their operating system. Any recent version of Windows from 2000 to Windows 7 is compatible. The minimum hardware needed for operating this program is an 800 MHz Intel Processor or AMD CPU and at least 512MB of RAM. As always, having more is better in order for the program to run faster. 

What Makes the Aieesoft YouTube Downloader Pro Unique

What sets this program apart from other ones similar to it is that it utilizes an easy-to-use interface that allows it's users to exercise precise control over how the videos are converted. The program has a built in "monitor" that allows you to watch online videos through it. When you see something that you like, all you have to do is set the destination on your hard drive for where you want it to save along with the parameters for the file and then download it. 

Video File Parameters

By setting the parameters you control the file format, bit rate, frame rate, and resolution of the video and audio. This allows you to capture the video at the same quality as it was uploaded. If hard drive space is an issue for you then all you need to do is lower the resolution to create a smaller file size. However, if you download a video that has a low quality resolution you can not use this program to increase it's quality. The resolution that the video was uploaded at is the maximum that your downloaded video can be.

Other Features

This program can download and convert multiple files at once and the progress can be monitored at the bottom of the interface. This program comes with free upgrades for life along with free e-mail tech support. 

What to Do With Your Videos

After you download and convert your favorite files you can play them on your computer, DVD player, or other devices like your mobile phone and PSP. You can also import the video files into an video editing program to create your own derivative works out of them as well.