Lasso Techniques for Avid Media Composer

The Lasso Tool in Avid Media Composer allows users to easily select, trim or splice clips. But, before users go about selecting clips, they should know some techniques that are needed to ensure that they obtain the desired effects.

Step 1: How to Select Clips

The Lasso Tool in Avid looks something like a large pencil. But, this tool works similar to other lasso tools in other editing programs.

Clips can be selected by going from left to right or right to left. While in many other programs it doesn't matter which way something is collected, it does matter in which direction a clip is selected. For example, if somebody wants to just select clips, they will have to go from left to right. But, if somebody wants to trim clips, they will have to go from right to left.

When using the Lasso Tool, users must select the entire clip. If a user only partially selects a clip, the tool won't work. Also, oftentimes when people go to select clips, they will see a solid rectangle. If this does happen, then users won't be able to select anything. They need to get out of the solid rectangle mode.

To make the solid rectangle disappear, users should click their mouse outside of the clips and hold down the left mouse key. Then, they should try moving the Lasso Tool to the right like they are trying to select something outside the clips. This will reset the tool. Now, users should see a dotted line rectangular box when selecting clips.

Step 2: Using the Lasso Tool

After a clip or several clips are selected, one of the Segment Mode icons will appear. The icon that appears depends on what mode the user was previously in. For example, if the last Segment Mode was the Extracting/Splicing (yellow arrow) mode, then that icon will appear.

If users want to be in a different Segment Mode, then they will have to select one of the other icons before they start selecting clips. Once in the correct Segment Mode, users can go ahead and edit their clips using that tool. If someone wants to be in the Trim Mode, this will require users to select clips from right to left. Once the clips are completely selected, users can go ahead and start trimming clips.

The Lasso Tool can also be used to select the cuts between two clips. This can be done either by going left to right or vice versa. Once the cut is selected, users will again be in the Trim Mode.

Another way to use the Lasso Tool is to select clips that aren't currently in the timeline. For example, if a user wants to select all the clips in the timeline plus a few outside of it, they will have to hold down the Alt key on the keyboard and drag the Lasso Tool until they have selected all the needed clips.

Finally, the Lasso Tool can be used to select audio tracks. Users just need to drag the tool over the tracks. When somebody releases the Lasso Tool, selected tracks will now be deselected in the timeline.