iToolsoft DVD to AVI Ripper: An Overview

You can have your DVDs transferred to another device with the iToolsoft DVD to AVI Ripper. This software allows different formats to be ripped and converted into different formats for easy sharing into different devices including iPod, iPhone, PS3, Xbox and Zune, among others.


Prior to ripping, preview the parts of the DVD that you want to rip. Clip on those scenes from the start and end date and have them edited as you like. Improve on the quality and channels of the video and audio components. Still shots can also be taken for thumbnails and promotional purposes.


Ripping your DVD is made easier by the iToolsoft DVD to AVI Ripper. All you have to do is insert the DVD. On the interface, it is easy to customize the video size, video quality, audio quality and channels to your liking. Right after doing so, conversion can be completed or previewed first before proceeding.


There are no hidden buttons, screens or complicated processes to convert your files. The preview screen and progress gauge is available within the same interface as the editing and converting screen. The profile and destination folder is also seen, which makes importing and saving files easier.

Make it easier for DVDs to be shared with your family and friends with the iToolsoft DVD to AVI Ripper.