iSkySoft Free Video Downloader: An Overview

The iSkySoft Free Video Downloader is a software program for Macintosh computers that allows you to download YouTube clips, trailers from your favorite movies, musical videos or other similar files from the Internet. The program is free of charge and can be downloaded from the company's website.

Auto Detects Videos

The iSkySoft Free Video Downloader will auto identify a video clip that is open in your browser. Once it detects the file, you can save it simply and easily with one mouse click to your hard drive. The video file will begin to download at the same time it loads into the Internet browser. This is a great time saver.

Browse while Copying

While downloader is copying your file, you can still keep looking for new videos to download. Once you find another video you want, just copy and paste the URL to the program’s download queue to await its turn for copying to your hard drive. This happens automatically as each awaiting video is added to the list.

Copies HD and Regular Formats

Free Video Downloader is capable of copying analog video files into formats that are compatible with your Mac computer. It can also be used to convert high definition files.

Built-in FLV Player

Free Video Downloader contains its own built-in FLV player. This makes it possible for you to play all the downloaded YouTube videos simply by double clicking on them in your video library files.