iSkySoft DVD Library for Mac: An Overall Look

DVD Library for Mac, created by iSkySoft, is versatile software for effectively managing your DVD collection. It provides the ideal solution for avoiding duplicate DVDs and keeps an account of movies which are borrowed or lent out. The software works well on Intel processors and must have 10.6 Snow Leopard or 10.5 Leopard Mac OS X.  

Easy Input

Adding a DVD to your collection is very easy with DVD Library, as you only need to present the barcode on the DVD pack to be scanned by the iSight camera. The software will then enter the title and retrieve other relevant information from websites like Amazon.

Full Inventory and Easy Browsing

The software helps you to keep an effective inventory of all your titles and the ones you are planning to purchase. The inventory can be exported as a PDF file for printing, or you can get it on your iPhone so that you know exactly what you have and avoid duplicate purchases. You can also browse your library of DVDs by genres, titles, directors and artists.


DVD Library is also a fully featured backup utility by which you can copy the DVDs in 1:1 ratio retaining the best quality. Backups are very useful while lending your movies, as you can always retain the original DVD and give out the copied version. You can also backup your hard drive in ISO file or DVD folder for easy playback of your favorite movies, preserving the quality of the DVD disc.