iShowU: A Quick Overview

Helping somebody complete a step-by-step procedure done on the computer is easy with iShowU. It is a Mac application that allows the activities of your desktop to be recorded whenever you want or need. You can also record audio files relevant to the processes on the screen. It is best used for demos and help on the Internet for new users of a certain system or software.

Do It Your Way

You have the flexibility to record your desktop activities with the different presets provided by iShowU. Get a full view of your desktop activities with the full screen option or show only small parts of it. Apart from the size, you may choose the quality of the video depending on your preference. To change the extent of the area to be recorded, drag the corners of the rectangle up to the point you want to be included in the recording. It is that simple and easy.

Multiple Screen Capture

If you have other screens connected to yours, have them recorded, too. iShowU is a very flexible software that can go beyond the screen that you are using. This means it can be used for remote screen monitoring for both home and office use.

Flexible Control Options

This software allows users to have audio recording captured together with the screen activity. If you opt not to, you can remove the check on the tick box. The same goes for microphone recordings. All these options can be chosen right on one interface, so there is little chance that you don’t know what to press or check when you want a preference to be applied.

Publish Easily

With just one click of the button, you can have your video recording published online. iShowU is also compatible with the iPod and iPad, so taking the recording with you is not a problem.