iovSoft Blu Ray Ripper: An Overview

The ivoSoft Blu Ray Ripper is used to copy both Blu-ray and regular DVD discs and change the video files to other common video and audio file formats. This makes it possible for you to play the resulting movies or audio files on digital playback devices like the iPhone, iPad, PSP or a similar gadget.

Provides Fast Conversions

The ivoSoft Blu Ray Ripper works quickly and easily with little to no training needed. Even so, it doesn’t sacrifice quality for speed, and the resulting files are exactly the same quality as the originals. After it is done converting the file, it can be programmed to automatically shut off the computer.

Previews, Clips and Photos Allowed

This Blu-ray ripper lets you preview the files as you copy them. You can also take a clip from any part of the video file, or use any photo image as a snapshot to insert into the file.

Converts Audio Files

Using the ivoSoft Blu Ray Ripper, you can take just the audio file from any DVD movie. The program can transform the audio files to other audio formats so they are compatible with popular digital playback devices.

Free or Trial Versions

The ivoSoft Blu Ray Ripper program is available as a free trial to get you started. If after trying it you want to buy the full version, it can be downloaded from the company's website.