InterSense and Location-Based Entertainment Gaming

The InterSense is a motion-sensing pioneer that provides a wide range of motion sensing and tracking solutions, that have potential uses in motion sensing, immersive displays, augmented reality and location-based gaming.

About Location-Based Gaming

A location-based game is a radical new gaming concept that weaves game progression and a player’s global location together to generate a different and immersive experience. Location-based gaming is still in its nascent stages and is highly regarded by a lot of corporations as the next big thing. The games have to be supported by localization technologies like global satellite positioning (GPS), bluetooth or wireless connections to nearby networks.

The next form of the location-based games is popularly known as "Urban gaming" or "Street Games" that are typically multi-player location-based games played out on city streets and built up urban environments. A lot of heat is expected around location-based gaming due to the sheer amount of possibilities that exist for this genre of games. It is foreseen that location-based gaming will move to the organized form, where popular games like Capture the Flag could take on an entirely new face.

The Internet has already witnessed Penn State students finding the Urban Gaming Club that provides location based games and Alternate Reality Games like Humans vs. Zombies, Manhunt and Capture the Flag.

InterSense and Location-Based Gaming

InterSense has developed a slew of motion tracking systems that are currently being used by a lot of product based companies, creative art directors, computer graphic artists and animators to make location-based games a reality. Other applications could include movies and rich immersive motion gaming.

A lot of system assemblers, integrators and original equipment manufacturers are using the InertiaCube line of products by InterSense in tandem with other technological solutions like head-mounted displays to create immersive experiences for PC gaming and location-based entertainment systems.

About InertiaCube

The InertiaCube by InterSense is currently the world’s smallest inertial orientation reference system. The InertiaCube can be used to provide full 360° source less tracking in all axes to almost any modern consumer electronic item.

The InertiaCube features a strong integration of nine discrete, mini sensor elements that are coupled with advanced mathematical algorithms and equations. A simple serial or USB interface with support software provides original equipment manufacturers with the chance to develop location-based games quickly. The InertiaCube is ideal for location tracking, movement tracking, motion sensing and head tracking for a wide variety of location based games and simulation and training applications.

InertiaCube’s integrations with location-based gaming devices and software provides real-time tracking that is used to precisely measure and record the motion of cameras and people. This actually allows for a seamless merger of location based gaming and virtual reality with live action.