Installing Maya Software for Linux

With more people moving away from windows lots of people are trying to install Maya software on Linux. There is a version available for Linux which makes it easy to install without having to worry about using Wine or any other emulators. The Linux version of Maya is very stable and can be used on many different versions of Linux. When the version is installed for your computer then you can start using it straight away.

Maya can be installed through the console or the GUI depending on your experience using Linux and the distribution you are installing on. It isn't quite as easy to install as the Windows version but once you get to grips with it there isn't really a problem. Also, it only needs to be done once.

Step 1: Starting Your Computer

The first thing that you should do is switch your PC on and boot into Linux. Then you will need to log into your Linux operating system as the root user. Depending on the distribution you are using this will be a different user name and password as default. By logging in as the root user it will be possible to install the software on your computer.

Step 2: Installation Media

Maya is a very large application and so the normal method of installation will be to use a DVD. Place the DVD in your computer's DVD drive. If it's not recognized then you might need to mount the DVD drive first by opening the console and typing the command to mount the disk. This will vary depending on the version of Linux you are using.

Step 3: Running Setup

Run the Setup from the DVD by selecting it in the browser or alternatively by typing "./setup." As soon as you run the setup file the Maya Installer window will be displayed.

Step 4: Reading the License

Now the license will be displayed. This is a very long document which details exactly what you can do with your software. If you do not agree then you will be unable to install the software. You must click "I accept" at this stage to continue.

Step 5: Selecting Components

Once you have accepted the terms for the software you will be taken to the Product Configuration view. This is where you can tick all of the components that you want to install. You will be able to install Maya, Maya Documentation and Auto desk License Tools. Depending on how much space you have available it might be possible to get rid of some of these things.

Step 6: Installing

Click "done" in the Product configuration window and the installation will then start. This should be automated and it should expand and install all of the necessary files. You will be able to view the progress of the install by looking at the check marks which are displayed next to each individual component.

When Maya is installed correctly you will then be able to run it as normal by selecting it from the Linux main menu.