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Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Windows Media Encoder

For those with a Windows operating system, there are many video editing tools that can be downloaded for free. Windows media encoder is one such software that will capture and convert prerecorded and live images...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Clesh

Clesh is one of the online video editing tools for use by communities of web users and consumers. It is essentially based around very similar technology as another editing tool, FORscene, which is used widely...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to AVIedit

AVIedit is one of the many video editing tools on the market that allows you to create professional looking videos, either for making good quality films from footage taken using a DV recorder, or producing...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Cinelerra

One of the major video editing tools, Cinelerra, is the most complete non-linear editing tools available for compositioning in the Linux Operating System. Two versions of Cinelerra exist and they are very different from each...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Avid FreeDV

Welcome to an introduction to Avid FreeDV, which will outline its usefulness when it was available, as well as highlighting other video editing tools. Avid FreeDV was recently discontinued but is still available online through...[more]

Post Production: How To Use Custom Music When Scoring

Most movies use custom music for their scores, and you should too because it will enhance and complement your movie. There is a misconception that this process is very time consuming and costly, but it is...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Ffmpeg

The world of video editing tools has seen some big changes in recent years. One major reason for this is that in these modern times many people require the facility to post video online. Social...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Blender (software)

In the world of video editing tools, Blender is a popular 3D graphics tool that's often used for modeling, texturing, UV unwrapping, rigging, smoke and water simulation, rendering, animating, and skinning. It is also used...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Zwei Stein

Zwei Stein is one of the many video editing tools available for free online. It will produce videos in Real Audio and Real Video formats. The download has been completely tested and does not contain...[more]

Using the Movie Capture Window in Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is one of the best nonlinear editing programs on the market.  It is efficient and easy to use for all digital video productions. One of it's key features is the Movie Capture Window....[more]

Final Cut Pro: Using Audio Outputs

The audio outputs preset in Final Cut Pro is used to create preset configurations that can map the tracks to multiple audio channel outputs. Final Cut Pro can support 24 hardware audio outputs, so you...[more]

Final Cut Pro: 9 Video Filters that can Improve Your Film

This article lists the different kinds of video filters and the applicable components that can be used to direct effects for film improvement. These effects can be done with Final Cut Pro 1.0 and can...[more]

Final Cut Pro: What is a Expander or Noise Gate Filter

Expander and gate both are basically noise management equipment. The biggest enemy of a recording process is unwanted noise, which can be caused by the environment where the recording is being made, or can also...[more]

Adobe Premiere: The Project Settings

Adobe Premiere software contains many project settings which are preset options. There are many different preset categories. These different settings contain settings for typical projects that are commonly used. Users will have the option of...[more]

Adobe Premiere: Adding Transitions

The purpose of transitions in Adobe Premiere is to move a scene from one shot to the next shot. You do not need to use transitions, but they do add a pleasant effect to your...[more]

Final Cut Pro: 4 Tips for Using the SmoothCam Filter

In Final Cut Pro, the SmoothCam filter allows you to reduce the amount of unwanted camera movement that is in the footage that you captured. Unwanted camera movement could be the result of movement from...[more]

Final Cut Pro: 4 Audio Filters and What They Do

Final Cut Pro provides many audio filters. Audio filters can be used to clean up audio or to apply special effects to audio. All of the audio filters that are available in Final Cut Pro...[more]

Avid Tips: Placing SD and HD Together

When using Avid you have the option to place SD and HD video clips together. If you are doing this then it's important to follow a few simple tips which will make it possible to...[more]

Avid HD to SD DVD in 5 Steps

Avid hd video editing is very useful because it makes it possible to edit videos that are very detailed. This means that many people are looking for a way of burning HD footage to DVD. While...[more]

Avid Tips: Quickly Transitioning from Offline to Finishing

Working with Avid is a great way to make videos. However, sometimes exporting your videos from the offline applications to Pro and finishing the video can be very time consuming. There are, however, a few...[more]

Avid Tips: Using the Keyboard to Lift and Extract

Using the keyboard is an option to go through all the different menus in Avid software. Instead of pointing and clicking with the mouse, there are keyboard strokes and keys that can be used to...[more]

High Definition Considerations for Avid Media Composer

Avid media composer supports both Standard and High Definition video files. High definition files are much larger and have a higher resolution. If you are using high definition videos then there are some important considerations...[more]

How to Upload Video to Avid in High Definition

Editing your video with Avid is one of the easiest ways to create a professional edit. Avid is quickly becoming the most popular video editing application, which can be used by professionals and amateurs alike....[more]

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