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Remove an Object in Frame in Avid

Avid's Boris Continuum Complete AVX allows users to remove an objects from a frame, and this is done via the Motion Key filter. Users need later versions of Avid to use this filter. Beginners should...[more]

Final Cut Pro: Using Audio Presets

Final Cut Pro's audio presets are used to generate preset configurations, and these configurations can be used to map tracks for up to 24 output channels, or to select the type of Capture presets that...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Select Colors for Effects

Pinnacle Studio is an easy to use program full of effects. If you're new to video editing, then this is a great program to get your feet wet with. It's simple interface allows anyone to...[more]

Avid Media Composer: Removing Extra Frames

When you are working with Avid Media Composer, there can be extra frames in your video clips which you might not want included. Among other video editing software, Avid Media Composer is a great tool...[more]

How to Do Motion Tracking with Symphony Nitris

Avid's Symphony Nitris has an internal motion tracking tool that tracks information on a certain group of pixels. Motion tracking allows users to track one or multiple movie objects with their camera. Avid makes this process...[more]

Organizing Projects in Avid Media Composer 5

Organizing projects in Avid Media Composer 5 does not have to be a difficult task. Avid Media Composer 5 allows users to easily organize clips and organize projects via Bins. Bins will have all the...[more]

Creating a Sin City Photoshop Effect

Creating a Sin City Photoshop effect to a photo will definitely make it unique. Sin City's black and white, with a dash of color, effect makes for dramatic photographs, and Photoshop allows photographers to add...[more]

Adding Keyframes in Avid Effects

While using effects, Avid has an important feature that can add keyframes. Any form of effect has to have a starting point and an end and keyframes define this transition. For controlling any type of...[more]

Matching Grain in Avid

Avid Match Grain filter feature allows users to take a picture of film to video media. From here, the feature will create a grain signature for that snapshot and this can be used to match...[more]

Using the Reverse Effect in Avid Media Composer

Avid's Reverse Effect takes a clip and basically makes it go in reverse. While this effect is not often used, it is available to users that wish to add this effect to their video sequence....[more]

Avid Media Composer Multi-Camera Editing Mode

Using the Avid Media Composer program for multi camera editing is a very simple task, although it may take some time. By following these simple instructions, you will be able to get through your editing...[more]

Automatically Adjusting Gain in Avid Media Composer

To make your audio mixing a little easier to handle, the makers of Avid Media Composer have designed the "Automation Gain Tool." The interface allows you to add your own sophisticated mix of sound tracks...[more]

Lasso Techniques for Avid Media Composer

The Lasso Tool in Avid Media Composer allows users to easily select, trim or splice clips. But, before users go about selecting clips, they should know some techniques that are needed to ensure that they...[more]

Aligning Keyframes in Avid Effects

When you start dealing with multiple tracks with the Avid Effects, you need to have a method for directing a source clip to a specific track in the timeline, which is known as patching tracks....[more]

The Effect of Playing Un-Rendered Effects in Avid

Avid is a great program, but it does have a few quirks when someone tries to play an un-rendered effect. When dealing with these effects in Avid, some people will get an error while others...[more]

Understanding the Anchor Frame in Avid Media Composer

If you want to land at a particular frame in a certain clip, this can be done with the Anchor Frame effect in Avid Media Composer. This effect is important if the user wants to...[more]

Adding Subtitles in Avid Media Composer

Adding subtitles, or otherwise known as captioning, is another one of Avid Media Composer's excellent features. It allows you to encode or import text which is then composited into the video material, along with any...[more]

Avid Media Composer: Finding Missing Clips

When you work on a project in the Avid Media Composer with a long format, there will come times where you'll find one particular clip missing in the timeline. To recover those missing clips, you...[more]

Using Media Composer Smart Tool On the Fly

Avid Media Composer's smart tool On the Fly editing allows users to quickly edit clips by using a variety of buttons located on the left-hand side of the screen. These buttons allow users to do...[more]

Fit to Fill in Avid Media Composer

If a user wants to emphasize or even lengthen a certain section of video, Avid Media Composer's Fit to Fill tool can make this process extremely easy. This tool is used to manipulate motion effects....[more]

Capture and Import Video in Avid Liquid

If users want to capture video from their video camera or import clips already on the hard drive, they can easily do this in Avid Liquid. Even amateur users will quickly be able to add...[more]

Correct Digital White Balance in Final Cut Pro

Incorrect digital white balance is a common problem for videographers who are shooting constantly at different locations, and do not remember to re-adjust their camera every time. It is also a common problem for beginners...[more]

Avid Xpress Pro HD Video Editing Tips

The video editing tips for Avid Xpress Pro can be complex if you are unsure as to how the program works. This tutorial will show you the basic way in which to import video content...[more]

How to Use Avid Studio Toolkit HD

The Avid Studio Toolkit HD allows users to easily add effects, animation and DVD chapter marks to their video. This program uses three distinct programs that each add something to the standard options available to...[more]

Avid Media Composer 5: Creating a Multitrack Sequence

Layering clips in the sequence across multiple tracks of audio and video is possible in Avid Media Composer. Listed below are the proper steps for you to take to make your project a successful one....[more]

Avid Media Composer: Sorting and Sifting Video Clips

When you are making a movie, sorting and sifting video clips will save you time instead of going through several clips that you might not need. If you are making a short movie and you...[more]

How to Use Avid Color Correction Automatically

The Avid Color Correction feature lets users correct color on individual sequences or multiple clips, and the Color Correction tool kit comes with several different controls that provide the user with a number of color...[more]

About Avid Media Composer Keyframe Audio

Sometimes when using Avid Media, there are times that audio levels fluctuate in the boundaries of the segment and one adjustment is not enough. You need to able to write the levels up and down...[more]

Video Editing Tools: Basic Essentials

There are several video editing tools needed to make a video. Getting started is easy but becoming better as a video editor takes time and effort. The tools vary depending on the need, preference as...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to MPEG Stream

MPEG Stream is one of relatively few video editing tools for converting MPEG2 and MPEG1 and transport streams. It was written and created in its entirety by Squared 5 in Italy. What is MPEG Stream?...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to CleshLoad

When we refer to Video editing tools, we refer to the software programs that help us manipulate, modify and edit videos. Video editing is the process that gives us the chance to remove the sections...[more]

Using the Replace Edit Button in Avid

Avid allows users to manipulate and edit their videos, and the replace edit feature makes switching shots in and out extremely easy. Even beginners will be able to quickly learn and use this feature. Step...[more]

Canon DSLR Footage in Media Composer 5

With the release of Avid Media Composer 5, many of the issues associated with editing Canon DSLR footage have been eliminated. The new version allows users to either find the sequences on their computer or...[more]

Using Effects in Avid Liquid

Avid Liquid allows users to add over 1,000 interesting effects to their film, including color correction and slow motion. To use these effects, all anyone needs is a little creativity and some pre-made clips. Step...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Nandub

In terms of video editing tools, Nandub is what was used to effectively encode AVI files by making use of DivX and MPEG4v2, which in turn used smart bitrate controlling technology. Not designed to be...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to MP4Box

One of many video editing tools now available, MP4Box is a converter of MPEG-4 files. You can use it to import video that's in MPEG-4 format as well as streams of audio data. The final...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to MediaCoder

MediaCoder is one of a number of free video editing tools available for both professional and amateur use. MediaCoder is a video and audio batch transcoder that will work with Windows and Wine. It has...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to LiVES

LiVES is one of a few video editing tools that is also Video Jockey equipment. LiVES version 3 was released from GNU under GPL, and binary versions can be found for most of Linux distributions,...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Jahshaka

Jahshaka is one of the popular video editing tools that allows for professional level audio and video editing. If you're looking for a program that's freely available without charge for video and audio editing, Jahshaka...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to HyperEngine-AV

HyperEngine-AV is one of the most popular video editing tools available for Apple Mac computers. It is a program built to function with real time processing of signals and audio, and the design exists within...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to TMPGEnc

In video editing tools, TMPGEnc belongs to a family of video encoders (with a limited capacity for video editing) that were developed for Pegasys Inc. by Hiroyuki Hori. All products in that family run on...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to AviTricks classic

AviTricks classic is one of a few AVI film and video editing tools available that feature a number of special effects and preview features. AviTricks classic is for Windows Media or AVI format. What is...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Microsoft Movie Maker

In terms of video editing tools, Microsoft Movie Maker was one of the first on the scene. Still used by some who prefer a very basic approach, it is software for creating and editing video....[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Mencoder

Mencoder is one of several video editing tools that are available for converting files free of charge. Mencoder offers free video decoding of the command line type, with encoding and filtering options. It was released...[more]

Post Production: How To Use Looped or Created Music When Scoring

When creating a video, sometimes the most important part of it is the created music. But, one problem with using music is that videographers can infringe on the rights of artists if they are not...[more]

Video Editing Tools: The 5 Essential Programs

There are numerous video editing tools available for use, regardless of whether one is editing for the first time or as a professional.  For individuals who are interested in entering the film and video editing...[more]

Video Editing Tools: The 7 Best Free Programs

With so many video editing tools available online it can be difficult to determine which are the best. Simply downloading different programs and trying them will take up time and space on your computer. Instead,...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to VirtualDubMod

The quality of many free video editing tools available online will vary. But an excellent tool that is available for free is VirtualDudMod. This is an extension of the popular VirtualDub. This is a linear...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to AviSynth

AviSynth is one of the video editing tools available to you for altering and using digital video footage. In relation to other similar tools, it's very powerful, more so even than VirtualDub, although that software...[more]

Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Avidemux

In the world of video editing tools, Avidemux exists to save time when it comes to cropping and editing videos of every format. As well as featuring some advanced options, Avidemux makes simple cutting, editing...[more]

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