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Practical Uses of Twixtor

Twixtor can be used to slow down or speed up footage by changing the frame rate of the footage. It is very accurate and will eliminate many artifacts that can occur when the frame...[more]

Analyzing Avid Audio Wave-form Height

Avid Audio, or Avid Media Composer, is one of the pioneer software products in the non-linear audio/video-editing domain and has been completely put over with a lot of professional audio and video editors due...[more]

Using the View Menu to Optomize Avid

The following discussion focuses on the usage of the lesser known and rarely used View Menu in the Avid audio/video editing software. Step 1: Setting Up To start experimenting with the view menu, set...[more]

Working with Vector-based Objects in Avid

The Avid media composer is a standard issue style non-linear audio/video editing software suite that is suited to professional video editors. It is available on both popular computing platforms – Mac and Windows. This...[more]

Creating an Audio Dissolve Transition in Avid

Offering innovative and award-winning solutions when creating audio, the Avid Company supports the creation of music and movie productions both at a professional and home-made level. All kinds of effects are made accessible and...[more]

Manipulating the Toggle Source/Record Button in Avid

Avid media composer is a pretty solid product that provides non-linear audio/video editing solutions for the editing professionals. Being available on both the Mac and PC platforms, along with the distinction of being the...[more]

Edius Neo 2: Using the Quick Tilter Software

EDIUS Neo 2 is entry-level non-linear editing software for PC platforms by means of the USB interface or an SDHD card reader. EDIUS Neo 2 is capable of real time, multi-track mixed format SD...[more]

How to Simulate Time Lapse in Avid

Frame avid allows users to simulate time lapse using the TimeWarp Editor. All you need to create this type of video is actual time lapse video sequences and a little knowledge of how Avid...[more]

Using SD and HD on Same Timeline

SD and HD refers to the different types of definition. SD stands for standard definition, which is a 16:9 for widescreen and can be transported at all times. Normally multi camera views and additional...[more]

Slipping Keyrframes in Avid Effects

An important part of effects in Avid is using keyframes. However, it can be difficult to get a hang of using them. There is a specific keyframe graph that can be used to insert...[more]

How to Use Avid Instinct

Avid Instinct is a tool for telling a story visually and is useful for journalists, producers, directors and writers working in a newsroom. You can use Avid Instinct to write iNEWS stories, and it...[more]

Edit Video Using Avid Adrenaline HD

The Avid Adrenaline HD is a non linear video editing program used by professionals. Although it was first released in late 1980s, it continues to be one of the more recognized names in the...[more]

Working with P2 Media in Avid Xpress Pro

P2 media is a type of storage media that was originally created by Panasonic. Avid has updated its software to support editing of this media. This is tapeless media that is stored on a...[more]

Using Avid Media Composer 5 Auto Video Titler

The video titler is a great feature within the Avid composer 5 software. This works with many different types of media files and formats. It is easy to edit the footage by dragging and...[more]

Trim with Avid Media Composer Slip Mode

The slip mode is a function within the trim mode in Avid. This power editing tool can be used to trim and edit clips within the timeline. Slip in particular is useful for when...[more]

Use the Avid Splice Tool to Add Shots

The splice tool can be used to easily add shots seamlessly into the existing footage. Splicing is used a lot in different editing and photo shots. Besides adding shots, splicing can be used for...[more]

Video Editing Tools: The 3 Best Programs

Out of all the video editing tools available to filmmakers today, there are 3 programs that stand out above the rest. There were two factors that went into determining which programs were selected. The...[more]

Using the SpectraMatte Key Effect in Avid

As you work with your different video projects, you will soon learn that you have to manipulate the key effect. In the past, editors have been accustomed to using a third party program in...[more]

One-Click: DVD Burning in DVD Slideshow Builder

So you want to make a DVD of images but dvd burning can be slightly hard? This tutorial will explain the basic way to do this. Step 1: Get to Know the DVD Burner Software...[more]

How to Preview Your Movie in Showbiz DVD

You can use preview movie software to make beautiful movie clips with or without audio tracks. Showbiz DVD is a specially designed software for making short movies and slideshows. Follow these steps whenever you use...[more]

Simple and Fancy: Text Effects for Showbiz DVD

Showbiz DVD allows the creation of high quality DVD videos for amateurs and professionals alike, and one of its greatest features is its huge collection of text effects. Showbiz DVD has a simple interface that...[more]

Making Stop Motion Video in VideoStudio

Making a stop motion video is not as difficult as it seems. Most people find it hard because of the "stop motion" process. VideoStudio software offers a user friendly interface and makes the stop motion...[more]

Adding Soundtrack to VideoStudio

VideoStudio contains 2 tracks for audio in the Timeline. A soundtrack is intended to spice up a video clip and make it more interesting. This feature helps you to arrange various audio clips into the...[more]

Using Maya Hair

Maya Hair is a dynamic system that helps you create hair that looks and moves realistically. Hair feature lets you grow hair from a base surface, modify various attributes and regulate hair flow. Using Hair...[more]

A Quick Overview of Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is one of the most popular video editing tools. This package is suitable for both professionals and amateur producers. This incorporates as part of other Adobe software, including After Effects and Photoshop. The...[more]

12 Video Editing Tips for Ultimatte

Ultimatte is a plug-in, and there are several video editing tips available to enhance this feature's performance. It is compatible with Adobe, Apple, Avid, Eyeon and Autodesk software, offering to its users the possibility to...[more]

Using Video Correction in Ultimatte

Ultimatte software allows you to edit, redesign, create new high-quality footage and apply video correction when needed. Let's see what steps need to be followed when deciding to edit and apply video correction. Step 1:...[more]

Blue Screen Software: The Advantages of Ultimatte Advantedge

Ultimatte Advantedge is blue screen software with a highly refined tool and a simple to use interface that is identical on all host applications. This advanced plug-in helps you combine various frames of images in...[more]

Horror Movies: Using Twixtor to Evoke Fear

Twixtor is a useful plugin that can be used to change the frame rate in certain compositions. This is a great way to make your film look much scarier and creepier. Twixtor is very easy...[more]

Working with Red Camera Files in Avid

You can complete Red camera projects in an easier and more convenient way with  Avid Media composer. The highest possible quality with finishing and editing solutions is provided by the software program. Avid Media composer...[more]

How to Import Media Into Avid Media Composer

You can import media into your Media Composer so that you can work with images, video or audio clips stored on your computer. When you import any media clip into Media Composer, a new file...[more]

5 Useful After Effects Plugins for Action Movies

Adobe After Effects plugins can be used to make the software much more powerful. If you are trying to make action movies using After effects, then you will need to learn which plugins can be...[more]

Overcoming Production Errors with After Effects Plugins

Using After Effects plugins can be a great way to correct any mistakes that you experienced during production. Filming is great fun, however, it's impossible to get everything perfect first time. That's why digital video...[more]

4 Common Reasons to Convert Frame Rate in Films

The frame rate of a film determines how fast or slow it will play back. Film plays back at a rate of 24 frames per a second (fps). When film was recorded at a frame...[more]

Controlling Frame Rate without Expensive Cameras

The frame rate of video determines what its speed will be when it is played back. Normal play back speed is usually 30 frames per second. Some video formats and film play back at 24...[more]

Twixtor: Matching Frame Rate to Soundtrack

Twixtor is a new plug-in that is compatible with almost any image software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Shake, Apple Final Cut Pro and Autodesk Systems. Twixtor improves image quality and...[more]

Using Twixtor to Edit Dramatic Fight Sequences

Twixtor is a very useful video editing plugin which can be used with lots of different video editing software. The plugin is suitable for use with Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle Studio and Adobe After Effects....[more]

Changing the Frame Rate of Your Movie Using Twixtor

When it comes to video retiming, Twixtor pops out as one of the best software options. Available as a plug in for Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, one is capable...[more]

Manage Formats in Avid Liquid

Avid Liquid allows users to combine and manage video formats no matter what the original format of the video is. To use this technology, videographers just need some simple knowledge of Avid and some pre-recorded...[more]

Color Correct in Avid Liquid

Avid Liquid's Color Correction Editor allows you to manipulate the color, hue or saturation of an object in a clip. This can be very useful when the color of objects are incorrect, or you can simply change...[more]

Using the Avid Media Composer 5 Effects Palette

The Avid Media Composer 5 effects palette offers you the chance to edit and manipulate your video images. If you want an easy and quick way to remove unwanted or unnecessary portions and artifacts of...[more]

How to Playback Bin Sequences in Avid

In Avid Media Composer, your bin is the container for all the sequences of your project. The bin helps to organize your work and prevent any sequence, which is made up of your finalized clips,...[more]

Pan and Zoom Within Avid Media Composer

Have you decided to use the Pan and Zoom within Avid Media Composer effect? Using the popular pan zoom effect with Avid Media Composer is one of the most daunting tasks for most Avid users....[more]

Output to DVD in Avid Liquid

Avid Liquid allows users to output their video to a DVD, allowing them to save and share their videos with friends, family or potential employers. This simple process can be accomplished by beginning and advanced...[more]

Using Track Selector Buttons in Avid

The editing application in Avid allows you to build a sequence with up to 24 audio and 24 video tracks. With the editing process, you can add and remove tracks, and the track selector buttons...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: How To Redetect Scenes

One of Pinnacle Studio's key features is it's ability to automatically detect scenes. As your video is being captured, Pinnacle automatically detects natural breaks in the video and divides it into scenes. For each new...[more]

Using A-Side Single Roller Trims in Media Composer

When it comes to learning how to do A-side single roller trims in media composer, you are going to find that this is one of the easiest things to learn. It can be a little...[more]

Pinnacle Studio: Understanding Comment View

'Comment View' is an option in Pinnacle Studio that allows you to see detailed information about the scenes in your album. This information can be in the form of keywords, scene names or text comments...[more]

Edit Audio in Avid Liquid 7

Avid Liquid 7 is not just a video editing tool but serves just as great for audio editing as well. Audio editing includes special effects, mixing and also adding a soundtrack. Let us see some...[more]

How to Preview Sequences in Adobe Premiere

An Adobe sequence refers to the timeline in Adobe Premiere. It's in this part of the program where clips from the bin are turned into a fine tuned edited video. Clips are first brought into...[more]

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