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Editing AVCHD with Edius Neo 2

Edius Neo 2 is a video editing software solution that is built upon the real-time mixed format editing technology. The Edius Neo 2 provides native video editing and manipulation of HD and AVCHD formats....[more]

Learning Intro Editing with EDIUS Neo 2

Edius Neo 2 is a video editing software solution that is built upon the real-time mixed format editing technology. It is an ideal partner to the video editor, who is still new to the...[more]

Edius SP: Audio Mixing with Waveform Controls

The Edius SP is a combination of a software and hardware system that offers the best in class nonlinear audio/video editing. The Edius SP combination provides the first ever hardware-based HDV accelerated-editing card available...[more]

Edius SP: Hardware Basics

Edius SP is a nonlinear video editing system with a user-friendly interface, making it the most suitable real-time DV and HDV editor. It is great for studio environments, mainly because it brings both full...[more]

Edius SP: Software Basics

The EDIUS SP card and its slightly lesser I/O capable EDIUS NX card are the first hardware-based HDV accelerated-editing cards available for the PC, and they are both easily integrated into almost all existing...[more]

Edius SP: Using Color Correction

Edius SP is a very unique combination of hardware and software solutions that provide the professional video editor complete control over almost any video footage. It enables the user to provide real time editing...[more]

5 Reasons to Buy Edius SP

Edius SP is a nonlinear editing system. Professionals use Edius SP to edit both standard and high definition movies. There are many reasons to buy Edius SP, including the ability to edit in real...[more]

4 Useful Edius Plugins

Edius 5 and other Edius programs are nonlinear professional editing programs. Grass Valley is the developer of the Edius series of software. Edius 5 can be used to easily edit both high definition and...[more]

Edius 5: Using the Multi-Cam Tool

The Edius 5 is the latest iteration in the non-linear audio/video-editing suite by Grass Valley, and it provides a strong editing platform to the video editors at intermediate and higher levels. Multi Cam mode...[more]

Exploring Export Options in Edius 5

The Edius 5 editor provides a host of export options to output your audio/video projects. Using the Edius 5, it is very easy to create a batch export list to either deliver a small...[more]

Understanding Codecs with Edius 5

Edius 5 is a video editing tool that supports a wide range of different media. It can be used for real time editing of high definition and standard definition formats. The software comes with...[more]

Using the GPU FX Window in Edius 5

Edius 5 has recently been released, but the newer version comes with many features that the previous versions lacked. This includes the SD/HD mixing via the timeline, key-framing with 3D, and the ability to...[more]

Using the Video Layout Tool in Edius 5

The Edius 5 is an industry standard non-linear audio/video-editing package that is designed and produced by GV Inc. The package intends to provide its users (the video editors) with a strong and stable editing...[more]

Edius: Converting Resolutions

Edius is nonlinear video editing software which allows multi-format video editing. Now it is easy to perform real-time editing for both standard and high definition formats and for uncompressed video formats. Step 1: Install...[more]

Edius: Converting Aspect Ratios

The Edius is a non-linear audio/video editor that features powerful real-time video trans-coding options. The Edius software suite allows you to convert between HD and SD resolutions, aspect ratios and frame rates in real...[more]

Installing Maya Software for Linux

With more people moving away from windows lots of people are trying to install Maya software on Linux. There is a version available for Linux which makes it easy to install without having to...[more]

3 Tips for Maya 3D Animation

Maya is a well-known and professional 3D animation application which is made by Auto Desk. Like many other 3D applications using this can be very complicated. This is simply because you have so many...[more]

Burning Blu-Rays in VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio is a professional video editing application that can be used to create high quality movies with ease. Unlike many other video editing applications, this is an all in one solution. It's possible...[more]

Edius: Converting Frame Rates

Edius is great nonlinear video editing software suitable for both beginners and professionals in the video editing industry. The software includes special features and options, to achieve maximum quality for all of your video...[more]

Edius: How to Work with Multiple Video Formats

The Edius is a non-linear audio/video editor that can handle nearly all formats on the market right now on one simple given mixed timeline. It supports output to almost all conventional and modern delivery...[more]

Edius: Working with the User Interface

There is a number of Edius software editing programs that are available on the market. A majority of them have been designed to meet industry standards. The following discusses Edius Pro and how you...[more]

How to Edit HD and SD Video with Edius

The Edius Pro 4 in non-linear audio/video-editing that provides a powerful editing platform to professional editors. It features the ability to edit Standard definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) together seamlessly. The following discussion...[more]

Nero Plug Ins: Understanding mp3PRO

Nero Plug Ins are a great alternative to use when converting audio and video files. Nero comes with special plug ins, which are suitable in the audio and video conversion process. Using Nero Software...[more]

Nero Plug-Ins: Understanding Gracenote

Nero Plug-ins offer users a chance to do more with their Nero software programs. One such plug-in is Gracenote, which allows users to easily organize their music library, and this plug-in can be used...[more]

Nero MediaHome: Tips for Streaming Outdoors

Nero Mediahome is an application which makes it possible to stream your digital media throughout your home. This makes it easy to enjoy your media files without being forced to sit by your computer....[more]

Nero MediaHome: Streaming Podcasts

Nero Mediahome can be used to liberate your media files so that they can be played throughout your house. This makes it very simple to be able to stream your files all over your...[more]

Turning Gaming Consoles in Media Centers

Home gaming consoles have changed a lot from the days when Atari first hit the market thirty years ago. The graphics and games have become a lot more complex and, thanks to the Internet,...[more]

How to Set up Your Nero MediaHome

Nero MediaHome 4 allows users to share their favorite media files amongst different devices. This means that if one computer holds all the MP3s or movies, these can now be wirelessly streamed throughout the...[more]

Nero Burning Rom: Converting Files to Other Formats

The Nero Burning Rom is a popular computer program which allows users to convert files to a number of different formats. It is a program produced and released by Ahead Software, which can do...[more]

Understanding Nero BurnRights

If you have installed the Nero Burning Rom suite of software, then you might discover that you already have Nero BurnRights installed. This has been included with every version of Nero Burning Rom since...[more]

Nero Burning Rom: Overcoming Scratches

Nero Burning ROM is one of the most popular applications for burning DVD's, CD's and Blu Ray disks. These optical discs can store masses of information, however, they are susceptible to scratches. While we...[more]

4 Benefits of SecurDisc

SecurDisc is an additional program that you can purchase to work in conjunction with Nero. By purchasing and installing SecurDisc, the program will integrate itself with any Nero Burning program. SecurDisc is designed to...[more]

Splitting Large Files with Nero Burning Rom

With Nero Burning Rom, splitting large files becomes simple with the DiscSpan (UDF) compilation. This tool can be used to split up files too large to fit on one disc, and it is built...[more]

Nero Burning Rom: How to Make Blu Rays

Anyone who has recently purchased a Blu Ray recorder for their computer may find that they have a copy of Nero Burning ROM. This is one of the most popular applications which can be...[more]

Converting Video Files with Nvidia Cuda

NVidia Cuda has developed a new technology to help improve video file conversion in a faster and more efficient way. This new computing architecture enables GPU to rapidly process massive amounts of power. It...[more]

Nero Move It: Understanding the Graphic Processing Unit

Nero Move It is used to convert and upload files to various computers and mobile devices, including MP3 players, cell phones and digital cameras. The program is very effective at converting files because it...[more]

Understanding Offline File Conversion

The ability to handle file conversion is an essential asset for anyone that seriously works with video. If you're a video editor, then you have the tools to convert your own videos into different...[more]

Nero Move It: Syncing Files to Online Communities

Nero Move It allows you to sync your files to various online communities, such as YouTube, MySpace, or My Nero. Nero Move It allows you to input and store your account information for all...[more]

10 Devices that are Compatible with Nero Move it

Anyone who wants to take their videos and photos with them on portable devices will find that Nero Move It is one of the easiest ways of doing this. This is a dedicated application...[more]

Nero Move It: Transfer Files to Mobile Devices

Nero Move It is a piece of software which can be used to transfer all sorts of files to mobile devices such as PDAs and cell phones. It can be used to make it...[more]

Nero Vision: Using the Storyboard Tool

Nero Vision is perfect for anyone who wants to create a professional looking DVD or BluRay disc. The software handles everything that you need to make a high quality video. It handles importing videos,...[more]

Making 3D Animation Menus in Nero Vision

Nero Vision is fantastic software designed for the Nero suite, available for both professionals and beginners. DVD authoring is not a problem anymore, mostly because Nero Vision comes with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use...[more]

Applying Picture-in-Picture Effects in Nero Vision

Nero Vision is part of the Nero Burning Rom suite of applications. This is designed to make it very easy to burn your videos and edit them to a disk. Creating a video with...[more]

Nero Vision: Advanced Authoring

Nero Vision is certainly the best DVD and Blu ray burning application, which can be used to create video DVDs and Blu Rays (which can be played back on your TV using a standard...[more]

Adding Special Effects with Nero Vision

You are able to add various special effects to different types of media with Nero Vision. Special effects in the case of a video make it look more interesting and pleasing to the eye....[more]

How to Edit Video in Nero Vision

If you have a blu ray or DVD recorder in your computer, then there's a good chance that you already have Nero Vision installed. Nero Vision is a component of Nero Burning Rom, which...[more]

Adding Chapters to Your Movie in Showbiz DVD

Showbiz DVD makes it very simple to create high quality DVD videos which look very professional. If you have a very large video then it might be necessary to break it up into separate...[more]

Designing Your Menu in Showbiz DVD

When using Showbiz DVD it's relatively easy to create professional video productions. These can then be burned onto DVD or Blu-ray disk to make them very easy to share. If you are planning on...[more]

Using Intersense in Automotive Testing

InterSense is the current industry leader with regards to precision motion sensing technology, and has been providing technological support to a number of industry verticals such as simulation and training, navigation, stabilization, aiming and...[more]

InterSense and Location-Based Entertainment Gaming

The InterSense is a motion-sensing pioneer that provides a wide range of motion sensing and tracking solutions, that have potential uses in motion sensing, immersive displays, augmented reality and location-based gaming. About Location-Based GamingA...[more]

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